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Simple Web Design Elements That Increase Conversions

Conversions are often the purpose of having a website. You want customers to visit your virtual office and then do something whether that is sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase or contact you for services. Because of how important they are, today we wanted to review some simple web design elements that increase conversions.

Web design companies should understand these concepts, however we see them overlooked enough that it is worth a reminder the value that these elements have.

Design Elements that Increase Conversions

  • The Right Image – A lot can be said about the choice of images that are used on a website. You want something that properly reflects your brand and the tone of the site while also being compelling to viewers. For example, a travel site would want to include images of destinations from a unique perspective that would make people want to be there. A food site should include images of delicious eats. The wrong image does the exact opposite of what you want – typically making people think negatively or at best neutrally about your business from the start. Use A/B testing to help narrow down the selection process until you are sure your homepage and key landing pages have the best images possible.
  • Clear Navigation – When you are driving a car do you prefer easily viewed road signs, clearly marked lanes, and navigation tools that are fundamentally the same no matter where you are? Unless you are a bit of a sadist your answer was yes and that line of thought should be the same for a website. Clear navigation helps people get where they want or need to be which is an absolute key for increasing conversions. Every user that gets lost, off track or frustrated is usually one less conversion at the end of the day. Make sure your paths are clearly marked and each step helps move people along the conversion funnel.
  • Interesting Headlines – Simply put, people need something interesting to capture their attention. Your headlines don’t always need to be outrageous or crazy, but should strive for interesting and compelling to not only attract attention but also help people focus on finding what they are looking for. After all, they came to your site for a reason so use good headlines to help them find what they need. Here again is a spot where A/B testing should be used to ensure your headlines are doing what you want them to with the target audience.
  • Good CTA’s – Calls to action are a critical point in the conversion funnel, yet many sites just use a simple button or other CTA without taking the time to see if that is the best option. The use of color, font, wording, location and how often you place them are all key aspects of creating conversions. Take the time to look at various options and then use A/B testing to get your CTA’s located in the best place and looking the right way to increase conversions.

The bottom line is that conversions are a key aspect for most websites. These simple web design elements that increase conversions should be part of your current website design. If they aren’t then you are probably leaving some money on the table in the form of missed conversions which is most definitely not good for your business’s bottom line.

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