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Our 3 Important SEO Cleanup Tips To Start The New Year

Good SEO is part of good website design, but that goes beyond the initial launch as SEO is something that needs to be reviewed and updated regularly if you want it to continue being successful. With that in mind we wanted to share our 3 Important SEO Cleanup Tips to start the New Year. By reviewing and applying these tips now you will position yourself for a great start to 2017.

3 Important SEO Cleanup Tips

  • Content Cleanup – Content is still king so it is wise to continually invest in it, both initially and over time. While some of your content is probably pure gold with a lot of life which gives you high authority ratings, most likely a few pieces are in the doghouse, bringing down your overall profile. Cleaning up your content allows you to remove some of your bottom level pieces to increase your overall rating score (in regards to how Google and other sites rank the value of your content). This can also be done with piece of content that are now outdated and have less current value, content that has been revised with a more recent post, or something that doesn’t relate to your business anymore. The options you have are to simply remove the piece, update/revise the piece to make it better, or redirect links to the newer/fresher content piece. In all cases this should increase your content’s effectiveness as a whole and return more on your content investment.
  • Link Cleanup – Links are an important part of any website. They affect your ranking factors along with customer satisfaction levels, as nobody enjoys ending up at a broken link. So what should you do to start off the New Year? The answer is to perform a link audit on your site looking for any link that could be negatively affecting your rankings along with broken or outdated links. The links you want to avoid are from places like de-indexed sites, sites that use spam content and offer no engagement, highly monetized sites that use AdSense or other ads to generate income rather than focusing on meeting customer needs and referring domains that send lots of ‘do-follow’ links to your site.
  • Title Tag Cleanup – You need to periodically review your title tags and Meta descriptions if you want the best results. This is the perfect time of year to do so. Click-through-rates are important and that means ensuring your title tags and Meta descriptions need to work in synchronicity with your keywords so you aren’t missing out on traffic of any sort.

The bottom line is that during an initial website launch or re-launch, a lot of thought and energy is put into your SEO however that particular job is never done if you want it to be successful. You need to take the time to review and revise various aspects of your website if you want to maintain its effectiveness which is why our 3 important SEO cleanup tips to start the New Year are something everyone should consider doing to place their website in the best position possible to start off this year.

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