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10 Things You Can Do To Improve Link Building

Link building is still a very valuable tool in the world of SEO and here are 10 things you can do to Improve Link Building right now. All of the top website development companies understand the value of quality link building so it makes sense to consider these tips and how you can apply them to make your business more successful this year.

10 Things to Improve Link Building

  • Run a Backlink Analysis – While this is considered part of Link Building 101 for many, there are plenty of people in the industry that simply don’t take the time to analyze what they are doing which is why this tip tops the list. A backlink analysis will provide fundamental knowledge of current links, their quality and more. Without having and understanding this information you can’t formulate as useful of a plan to build a stronger portfolio of links moving forward including knowing which links should be dropped altogether.
  • Do Your Research – This applies directly to content creation and use because you not only need a well-written, well researched piece of content, but that content needs to fit the needs and wants of your target audience. Too many people skip this aspect of research and while they might create a great piece of content, the audience is not receptive to it.
  • Investigate the Competition – Along with reviewing your own links it is smart to investigate what your competitors are doing. By doing this you gain information as to not only what they are doing if you wish to copy some of it, but also what they aren’t doing which means openings in the marketplace that you can look to fill.
  • Build Real Relationships – Sycophants and toadies exist in the link building world; make sure you aren’t one of them. Take the time to build an actual connection between yourself and the influencer you want to connect with. Real relationships last longer and are more fruitful in the business world because when people care about each other they will do more because of that relationship just as you will do more for them.
  • Promote Other Things – Don’t be that person that only promotes themselves. Some people only promote stuff directly or indirectly related to themselves or their business. While that is selfishly productive, it is also counterproductive because people will become tone deaf to your message and other people won’t want to build relationships with you as you obviously don’t help promote others.
  • Say No – It is okay to be selective. You don’t have to say yes to every link building opportunity. There are multiple reasons for this including time commitments and the uncertainty of the long term benefit for some links but the bottom line is that being a bit exclusive or selective make the endorsements and links you do give more powerful.
  • Quality Content – Quality content will always outperform quantity. Constantly spewing out content for the sake of meeting a quota is a waste of time and energy. Instead focus on great content which will get great links.
  • Be Consistent – One important aspect of link building is consistency. If you jump off the train for a month or two expect your results to fall off appropriately along with needing extra time to get back to the place you were before. That is why having a plan that focuses on consistency, even in small doses, will keep your marketing efforts moving.
  • Find your Spot – Everyone has a different audience and because of this everyone has a different sweet spot when it comes to promoting content. Different platforms will result in varying levels of engagement. The time when content is posted is important as well. You have to test different options and actively search for that sweet spot so your promotions bear the most fruit.
  • Have a Plan – Having a plan is a key to success. You should understand what your goals are, what resources you have available and what you will then do to reach those goals. As time goes by and more information has been analyzed, questions asked and things learned from application of said plan, it should be adjusted. The plan helps keep you focused and on point, while often those without a plan easily get knocked off track.

The bottom line is that if you use link building as part of your SEO strategy then you need to consider our 10 Things you can do to Improve Link Building. The business world is simply too competitive overlook any advantage you can utilize with your business.

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