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Our Top Tips for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a powerful, yet often underused method for digital marketing. While some web design companies focus solely on things like SEO and social media for marketing, we feel it is important to not overlook this tried-and-true method that boasts a good ROI and typically low overhead costs. Today we will share our top tips for your next email marketing campaign with ideas and thoughts to help you get the ball rolling.

Top Email Marketing Campaign Tips

  • Analyze and segment your list –First things first, you need to ensure your list is properly analyzed, organized and segmented so that you have the right people on the right distribution lists. After all, you don’t want to spam or alienate customers simply because you haven’t done your due diligence. During this process it is a good time to consider if you simply don’t have enough information about clients to properly divide them up and if that is the case look to add depth to the list based on transaction histories or any other data you have. Make sure when people are opting in and signing up that you ask about key pieces of data to help with list organization.
  • Start with cart abandonment – Cart abandonment is typically a case of ‘so close yet so far’. These are people that should be targeted regularly to get them back in the fold and converted. You want to remind them of the value your business and products bring to the table and possible offer some sort of incentive to help win that sale back rather than letting them find a competitor to buy from. This can also be a good group to ask questions and find out why they abandoned so that you can look to fix problems within your sales funnel.
  • Use transactional campaigns – Transactional emails are used to set the table so to speak. They are used to help foster a connection, update users about important information and stay connected after a purchase with order status, billing, etc. However just because the email is because of a transaction does not mean you should avoid using marketing techniques to showcase your brand and make a stronger connection. Things like adding tips, quick ways to ask questions or reminders about upcoming sales and events can really upgrade what is normally a boring, information exchange.
  • Make it personal – Personalization is more than just a trend; it’s a necessity. Email marketing is one area where personalization should be a bit easier as you have existing information on many people which allows ways to personalize with greetings, offers and content.
  • Include social proof – We recently discussed the power of Social Proof for obtaining more sales and that concept works within email marketing. Testimonials and reviews can be a great way to influence cart abandonment, people who haven’t connected with you lately and in a host of other ways.
  • Try GIFs – Animated GIFs can be a fun way to visually perk up your emails. When done properly they can quickly capture attention and help create engagement. For example, you might have an upcoming sale so you make an animated GIF that lists some of the sale aspects along with rotating images of the products including a NOW 20% OFF image right in the middle.
  • Add video content – Similar to GIFs, video content can help increase engagement and interest. Make sure to test videos so that you know they will load quickly on both mobile and desktop devices.

The bottom line is that email is still a very important and powerful channel for communication and marketing. It’s not a trend or fad so you can bank on it being around for the long term. Our top tips for your next email marketing campaign can help you harness and focus that power while keeping your campaigns fresh to ensure you are getting the results you want.

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