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Top Concepts To Elevate Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is still a very viable method to engage with customers and deliver results while having a relatively low cost. As a top web development company, it is one of the marketing methods we feel that most businesses should at least consider because of not only the effectiveness but also the solid ROI. Today we will go over our top concepts to elevate your next email marketing campaign.

One important aspect of email marketing is the ability to adapt and evolve. These concepts can provide ideas and inspiration for those marketers whose campaigns might be stuck in the doldrums, or offer a nice starting point for newcomers to this type of marketing.

Concepts to Elevate Email Marketing

  • Use Images – Adding quick loading images and pictures are a nice way to spice up what are normally bland emails. Information that can be translated visually and quickly also helps speed up the consumption factor. You can even use infographics to make a point. The key is to optimize images for quick loading so that people aren’t waiting overly long while the images render.
  • Try Video Content – With as popular as video has become for a content medium, including it with an email campaign makes a lot of sense. Video can be much more engaging than text plus it is easily digestible especially on mobile platforms. In addition you can deliver more information easily with a video rather than crafting excessively long emails to make your points.
  • Make it Personal – Personalization has flooded many of our interactions in the digital world with a strong push being made to ensure various touch points with web experiences have some level of it. This idea is one that should transfer to email as well because not only is personalization for email rather easy, it is also effective. Along with including the person’s name in the email you can reference prior order history, customize offers, user personalized content and more to add a special touch rather than the old mass generic email blast that comes out every Monday.
  • Use Animation – Much like the image or video concepts, animated GIFs are another fun way to capture attention within an email. For example, you can use animation to help showcase multiple products in a small space or to highlight the CTA of the email.
  • Check the Fonts – Fonts can be another fun way to spice up emails and make them stand out. By using two fonts you can add contrast to email to help highlight important areas. Just be sure that the fonts are large enough and easily read on multiple devices as you would hate to miss out on business because they can’t read it.
  • Target Cart Abandonment – Customers who abandoned carts should be strategically targeted via email because they were very close to converting but just missed for some reason. Offering additional incentives, reminding people of the benefits, including free shipping and the like with your email can help re-engage customers or at least ensure they are thinking about you the next time they need to make a purchase.
  • Use Social Proof – Social proof is a very powerful element and can be used within emails to help nudge unsure customers towards a conversion. Check out this article for more ideas on using social proof.
  • Use A/B Testing – Last but not least is the use of testing! Testing is an integral part of being successful because it allows you to compare the effectiveness of virtually anything, from subject lines to which image works best, with a focus group that aligns with your target users. If testing can provide even a 5% increase on your ROI then it is well worth doing it.

The bottom line is that email is still a very viable and powerful marketing tool. These top concepts to elevate your next email marketing campaign can help freshen up a tired campaign or provide the groundwork for a new one by keeping users interested and engaged in what you have to say.

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