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Common Conversion Killing Mistakes You need to Avoid

When it comes to website design the number one focus is often conversions. It’s like the classic sales rule of ABC but instead of saying Always Be Closing, for websites it is Always Be Converting. That leads us to today’s discussion on common conversion killing mistakes you need to avoid. It’s not enough to just have a few Opt In buttons or Sign Up buttons on a page that allows visitors to opt in, subscribe or purchase; you need to maximize each and every opportunity you have to convert because every conversion lost is often one gained by a competitor.

Remember, you goal online should always be converting!

Conversion Killers to Avoid

  • Not Concerned About Speed – Page load speed is one of the biggest conversion factors on the web. If your pages are loading in less than 2 seconds then this will not be as much of a concern for you, other than if you want to make a positive attribute even better. For sites with page load speeds of 3 seconds or more, you are leaking conversions left and right for every addition second over 3 a customer has to wait! The numbers don’t lie; a 1 second improvement in your page load speed and produce a 7% increase in conversions if your current speed is over 2 seconds. Every 1 second delay means 11% fewer pages views. By actively working to make your pages faster and more streamlined you will create more opportunities for conversions.
  • Single Platform Focus – A few years ago there were not many mobile friendly sites. Now with the push Google has made towards mobile friendly many businesses have converted to a mobile-friendly site. But is your site getting the most conversions with this single-minded approach? Desktop conversions still outrank mobile conversions (both tablet and phone) by a lot. That means you need to cater to both platforms, mobile for search and local market needs and desktop for conversions. You need a website that functions well no matter how people connect with you.
  • Overly Clever – Being clever has its place, but that is not on a website that wants maximum conversions. Clever can be fun and interesting but often only to a percentage of people and one that is often not that large. Your goal should be to appeal to the masses; not alienate any of them with an intellectual headline, or something else that is not easily and quickly
  • Above the Fold – You need to have the most important information about your business above the page fold. This includes contact information, key people involved in the business and the like. You want people to feel comfortable in whom they are dealing with and this helps increase trust.
  • Your Wants First – The goal of any website that wants maximum conversions should be to focus on the customer and what they want or need. After all, that is the reason they are at your site in the first place. Far too many sites still focus on things the business owner thinks is important, which is never the right approach. The customer knows best, so create detailed buyer personas and then create a site that will make them convert.
  • Too Much Noise – If your page has too many distractions then it can limit conversions. The use of white space can actually increase conversion rates dramatically because it helps users focus on the most important aspects and get to converting faster. Too many pictures, buttons or design elements are viewed more as clutter and not only can be confusing but can also lower the trust factor which directly relates to conversions.

The bottom line is that conversions are the lifeblood of success online. Amazon, the king of all online transactions, understands this and spends a lot of time and money looking for any way to increase conversions by even 0.25%. So take the time to review these common conversion killing mistakes you need to avoid to ensure your site is not making any blunders that could be costing you valuable conversions.

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