Is Your Website Using The Right Colors?

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Updated on: August 23rd, 2022Ken Braun6 min read
Is your website using the right colors

When most people think about their website the focus is on the layout, how the home page looks, images, copy and of course call-to-action buttons; but what about color? Is your website using the right colors to get the response you are looking for from visitors? Top web development companies understand that when it comes to web design, colors can be just as powerful as any other element and you need to be aware of how they can impact your customers.

Today we want to talk more about color, specifically in regards to web design, so you can be sure you are sending out the right message versus the wrong one.

The Power of Color

Whether you realize it or not, color can be a powerful influence in both our emotions and attitudes. There is a specific aspect of psychology called Color Psychology that is the science of how color can affect behavior in humans due to the associations we have already made about that color.

For the most part, the assessment of color occurs on a more subconscious level. While people do recognize if they feel colors ‘clash’ or seem ‘wrong’ in a certain scenario, hardly ever will a customer tell you that it was the background color of the website that was the reason they purchased your product.

However that doesn’t mean colors aren’t influencing people in small ways.

Color and your Website

Most websites have two primary colors. One is dominant and the other is secondary. Some website might use three colors with the third being regulated to an accent choice. In all cases these colors should be directly related to your brand.

Your dominant color should be the one most associated with your brand and logo so that when people see it, they easily relate it to your business. The complimentary colors can be part of your branding as well or in the very least provide an excellent color balance.

From this point we can then delve deeper into specific uses for color to create influence within your site by following common color principles for accents to draw attention to important elements on your site:

  • Favorite colors for women – Blue, purple, and green
  • Least favorite colors for women – Orange, brown, and gray
  • Favorite colors for men – Blue, black, and green
  • Least favorite colors for men – Orange, brown, and purple

Blue is the best – One reason blue seems to be so popular is that it is related to trust and order. Even if it is not one of your brand’s primary colors, you can still make sure to use it around ad copy, reviews, testimonials or even products. You should also to look avoid least favorite colors line orange and brown, while also using favorite colors when attempting to a specific gender. Even if it is just a boarder or shadow accent to the headline, the addition can make a difference.

Green is green – Green colors are almost always associated with the outdoors and the environment. This makes it a perfect primary or complimentary color for any site that relates to nature or the environment. It can also be used with buttons or CTA’s because it is a color that can spur creativity and action.

Black is the new gold – It used to be that colors like gold or silver were connected with wealth or luxury but now the color black is firmly in that place. With buzz concepts like ‘black label’ and ‘black is timeless’ there is a certain level of sophistication that the color provides.

Yellow is a warning – Between warning signs and traffic lights, yellow is commonly associated with warnings. It is also considered a happy color especially when using a bright hue. That combination of associations can make it a difficult color to always use properly. In small bursts, it is a great color to attract the eye and ramp up emotions.

The bottom line is that color does have an impact on our perception as humans. You want to be sure that your website is using the right colors not only to make sure you are creating the right connection between color and emotion, but also to make sure you haven’t created the wrong association that is causing harm. By carefully considering your colors and then using testing to ensure the target audience agrees, you can make small changes to your site that will result in increased conversions.

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Published on: July 24th, 2017
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Is Your Website Using The Right Colors?
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