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10 Tips on Choosing the Best Mobile App Developer

With the increase in mobile devices over the past few years there has been an explosion not only in apps on the market but the sheer number of mobile app developers that businesses can choose from. Of course just like in any field that experiences an explosion in popularity; there are businesses who do good work and those who don’t. Here are 10 tips on choosing the best mobile app developer that will enable you find a good partner to create that great app for your users.

10 Tips you Need to Know!

  • Ignore the prices – You could select a developer based on price alone, but by doing that you are more than likely going to end up with a cheap final product. There are a lot of variables to consider when hiring someone, but price should be one of the last factors you look at because your goal should be to develop a great product.
  • Review the portfolio – You should ask any potential partner where you can find examples of what they have developed. Look at the apps at the App Store, Google Play or BlackBerry App World and see how the finished product looks. Read reviews and feedback as well. From the portfolio you can get a good idea the scope of projects they have worked on to see if it is similar to what you need created.
  • Ask for references – Some people can easily claim they made something and it can be hard to prove, especially when it is an app. Rather than just trusting the portfolio, ask for a list of current and past clients as references. This is just like checking references for anyone you would hire to work at your own company. You want to check things like reliability, ability to meet deadlines and budget, or about creativity and ideas.
  • Find someone interested in your business – If a developer is interested in your business or has worked in your field or genre before then he or she can provide you with more than just development. Along with guiding you through the process of development, they can provide creative input and feedback based on their knowledge of the niche including what is already out there that works, or doesn’t work.
  • Look for experience – This isn’t meant to short-change people who are new to the business, some of whom have very creative and amazing ideas, but experience counts. It can take a few years for people to really work well together which is important in a technical-creative field like app development. That experience not only recognizes pitfalls but also can get things done more efficiently because they have done it before. When you add to that any experience in building something with similar functionality to what you want, then you know you have the right company to partner with.
  • Look to build a relationship – For a job like mobile app development, you are going to be spending a lot of time with the developer. There is a lifecycle in development that includes evolutions, testing and changes which can occur even after the initial launch. You want someone who is happy to build a relationship with you until the end result is met.
  • Specs are a must – Any one you will partner with should be willing to go through a planning and design phase prior to actually starting work on development. Design specs that have been reviewed and signed off on is like having a “design contract” if you will that ensures they are making what you want.
  • Find a full service company – There is a lot that goes into development. Some people focus only on the coding aspect of creation thinking they just need someone to code the nuts and bolts, but there is a lot more to consider. User experience is a big key with today’s apps along with a functional design. Then you have to include testing, revisions and finally launch. A full service company will be able to deliver a full service product.
  • Focus on the design – Apps that look great and feature a high level of usability that focuses on the user experience beat the pants off highly functional apps at the App Store. You need a partner that can add value to the creation of an app that users will love to interact with.
  • Find someone reputable – One issue many people have faced with app development is developers that promise a product that never gets delivered. Often people might pay up front and end up with snippets of code at best that aren’t even salvageable by the next developer they hire. Do a background check on a company you are thinking of working with to make sure they are reputable. Even then, make sure you have a contract for services with milestones in the development process to be met before releasing payments.

If you follow our 10 tips on choosing the best mobile app developer, you will have a better chance of finding the right partner to fit your needs and create something special. After all, you are giving the keys to the car to someone, so you need to feel comfortable that they drive safely and get you where you want to go!

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