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How to convert your website visitors into business leads

Potential customers are visiting your website every day. Are you taking advantage of that? If not then you definitely need to read about this awesome new software that allows you to easily convert your website visitors into business leads.

Using Forensics for Sales Leads

One of the hottest new analytical tools you can use for your business website is Lead Forensics, . In a nutshell what they do is generate sales leads from your previously unknown website visitors.

Why miss out on visitors to your website that don’t contact you directly or sign-up for a newsletter? Some studies have shown that less than 5% of all website visitors actually contact a business for services. That is a very small number!

Using the Lead Forensics software you can identify prospects that have already found you. Getting started with them is a snap. It is just a simple line of Java script code that needs to be added to each relevant page of your website, which is child’s play for any good web developer.

This tool then shows you what companies visited your website, their contact details, how they got there and what they looked at while visiting. You can learn which keywords were used to find your site, how many visits they made to your site and even their industry SIC code.

Your report is generated in a simple-to-use spreadsheet with all the important data categorized.

Rather than wasting time cold-calling prospects that might not be actively looking for your services you are data-mining your own website to find warm leads of people who are interested in you!

So how do you use this information?

There are a few methods you can then use to drum up business:

One method we use involves another external vendor, the fine folks over at Using their services you can search for a given company and then see a listing of people that work at that company along with job titles, email addresses and phone numbers. By considering job titles of people who typically contact your business and make decisions, you now have a warm lead to work with.

Knowing what pages they looked at and how long they spent there can even help with how you will pitch your services to that business.

You can also use it as an analytical tool. By combining sales with SEO you can determine which keywords actually produced a result. After generating a report of leads and contacting them, you can then mine that data for statistics on successful sales. From there it is a small matter to view keywords and how a conversion arrived to the site.

Knowing what truly drives sales allows you to then focus on what works versus what doesn’t for a lean, mean, marketing machine.

Big Benefits

When you think about it, having a lead generation system that is developed around your existing website is going to have a positive trickledown effect on sales and marketing.

Here are some potential benefits:

  • Increased online ROI
  • Indentifies warm leads quickly
  • Increased lead conversion
  • Less cold-calling needed for same results
  • Measures effectiveness of all web marketing activity
  • Creates an accurate profile of all website visitors

The bottom line is that this is a powerful, well-crafted tool that will directly impact your sales and marketing numbers. Rather than waiting for potential clients while they browse the competitors, consider Lead Forensics to help convert your website visitors into business leads before the other guy does.


Find out more about Lead Forensics here,

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