Android Apps Developer New York

Finding a great Android apps developer in New York isn’t always easy even though there are a lot of developers out there. Let’s face it; there is a difference between the level of skill and ability for any type of technical or creative job. There are certain guidelines that great developers work with to ensure their apps are easy to use and understandable by a wide range of people.

While a great designer can also help create something visually and aesthetically pleasing, the developer is still in charge of creating a user interface. So what are the important characteristics of a good design that top developers utilize?

  • Follows conventions – Android has been around for a while and because of that people who are using their second, third, or whatever generation device are used to certain conventions that they have been doing for years. It is like driving a car in the U.S. – you drive on the right side of the road. Don’t develop an app that has you drive on the left side because you will create confusion and annoyance.
  • Easy to navigate – Intuitive navigation involves three things – Where am I? Where else can I go? What will I find when I get there? Nobody wants to spend time thinking about how to find something because it should be intuitive enough that they can just get there.
  • Simple – Simple these days means that an 8-year old or an 80-year old can figure out how to use your app. If you have loaded up so much functionality with too many buttons and switches then you will cause confusion and increase the learning curve to use your app.
  • Clear – Use simple language and basic icons. If you use big words, odd jargon, hard to read text, or unique icons then there is a good chance you will confuse the audience.
  • Focused – What is the goal for this app? Ideally your app should serve a single purpose. Nobody needs a Swiss army knife, they need something that solves a problem or performs a single purpose and does it well. I don’t need a diary app that checks the weather, reserves a table and tells me sports scores.

A top Android apps developer in New York like Lounge Lizard understands why these guidelines are important and makes sure to implement them on their projects to go along with an amazing visual design which results in a beautiful and very functional product.