Android App Developers New York

What are two key things you should ask Android app developers in New York before hiring them for your next project? Along with things like price and timeframe, you always want to have a detailed account of their market experience and platform expertise.

Market experience is an important topic to bring up before hiring an app developer. What type of useful and relevant expertise are they bringing to the table? Are they familiar with the market and customer segments you are targeting? What have they done that is similar? Did the results of those projects meet or exceed expectation?

Platform experience is another key topic to discuss. Does your partner have the relevant platform expertise for your project? If you are looking for an Android app developer is that what they have always done or is most of their experience with iOS? Android and iOS are very different so hiring someone that is primarily one type of developer for the other type makes little sense. If you are creating a multi-platform app then you certainly want someone who is experienced with both and understands the difficulties with cross-platform creation.

App development is more than just code and design capabilities; experience plays a very big factor in the success of your app. In some cases fledgling companies have created very successful apps, but those stories are few and far between. When you are looking for an app developer to partner with to create an extension to your business do you want youth or experience?

A company like Lounge Lizard brings years of experience to the table, first with web development and now developing successful apps along with our award-winning websites. We understand the importance of market experience and how to properly bring an app from just an idea through a successful launch. If you are looking for Android app developers in New York to partner with to turn your great idea into reality, look no further than Lounge Lizard.