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Manufacturing Website Design for Whelen Engineering lights up the Internet

Whelen Engineering – a global leader in the emergency warning light industry with a reputation to perform since 1952. Trusted Lounge Lizard to create a best-in-class Website design. Whelen had many challenges with their old Website. Users spent a lot of time navigating the website in search of product pages and information pertaining to specific products. Most times, users would leave pages without reaching their destination. It was a crucial step for Mott’s team to reintroduce themselves with the end user in mind.

Lounge Lizard brandtenders spent a lot of effort on figuring out how to create a new brand experience while making it extremely accessible for the users to get to a product page within 2 clicks right from the hero section. Product page engagement increased dramatically as did product inquiries.
Whelen was facing a lot of challenges such as usability issues on their site which created a lot of repeated support inquiries and phone calls to the customer service department that was right on the website but users found it extremely difficult to find. It was important to understand what the user is looking for on a website, so a better way to showcase the information was required. Lounge Lizard brandtenders dived into the user personas utilizing the website and decided to create a main navigation that users would instantly know that they could easily navigate through Whelen’s diverse product range.

See the Website that’s lighting up the Internet.

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