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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Next Mobile App A Daily Habit

If you truly want to guarantee having a successful app you need to make it become part of a person’s daily routine, which is exactly why you are going to want to read our Top 5 Ways to make your next mobile app a daily habit.

By daily habit we mean users are checking in once a day which is very common for some games, social media platforms, productivity or health apps. That type of stickiness is what people dream of when they are fantasizing about their next idea becoming a smashing success.

Of course finding the proper blend of ingredients to create a high stickiness factor is not easy.

Top 5 Habit Forming Tips

  1. Make it personal – Apps that empower a user with a high degree of personalization are always highly regarded. From simple things such as customizing data streams, receiving updates at prescribed times, changing avatars to more complex aspects, personalization adds a sense of ownership and investment. In a way, this is a high level of communication between the user and app that creates a bond.
  2. Hook them with scheduling – Apps that turn control of data flow to users are allowing users to dictate when and where they get information and updates. That is truly brilliant because you not only know when they will be using the app, but you are also building trust and loyalty by keeping the agreement that was set. People say, “Wow I love this app because it collects all my fantasy football news and sends it to me right when I board the train for work!” Does it really matter to you if they want everything at 9 a.m. versus 9 p.m.? It shouldn’t as long as they are using it every day.
  3. Be entertaining – The fun factor is important in a mobile app. You want users to be excited to use your app, talk about your app and even opt-in to receive messages from the app. You want to create media rich experiences and provide a platform that people are excited to be a part of. You want people to keep using your app because they can’t wait to see what comes next, whether it is a cool deal, insider tip or even taking part in a nearby flash mob. Find a way to make it fun!
  4. Actively use messaging – Messages from your app can be good or bad depending on how it is done. For example, a message from your favorite music app letting you know a new single is available from one of your most listened to bands is good. A message from that same app for a new artist that might be similar to something you listed to last week is bad. The key is to find a way to always deliver good messages in a way that makes sense for your app and is deemed useful by the user. People want to know about something that is helpful, saves them time, money, or even helps avoid possible problems.
  5. Adapt to your user’s schedule – When you do use messaging or any form of contact with a user, do it on their time and at their place. After all, what is the point of calling someone when you know they aren’t home? For example, why send emails or texts at 4 a.m.? How is that relevant or useful to them?

The bottom line is that with an app, the best chance you have of creating something that will be an unquestionable winner is to make it habit forming. You want your app to be a daily solution to a problem or something that they need or rely on each day to fill a need. These top 5 ways to make your next mobile app a daily habit focus on that concept and might be the key to your next apps success.

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