Top 21 AI Tools for Marketing and Business

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Updated on: November 2nd, 2023Ken Braun16 min read
Best AI tools 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has swept through the business world like a tornado! Marketing has been especially impacted by AI and machine learning with its data-rich analytics, top-priority user experiences, and scheduled events/posts as key elements. 

What was harder to anticipate was how much the design and creative arts would benefit from AI. Some of the best AI tools in 2023 are able to generate incredible, high quality images, develop original, engaging video content, and create stunning full-scale presentations in seconds.

We took the time to review a multitude of AI products, some free – some with free trials – some with tiered subscriptions – all with amazing capabilities. We have selected our top 21 AI tools available today in several categories: Marketing, Art/Design, Business, and Personal.

Enjoy our list of most popular AI tools and check back often – this list is bound to change as AI continues to evolve and shake up the business landscape. 

First, Let’s Talk About the Best AI Writing Tool

One of the best AI tools for content creation has got to be ChatGPT. Who hasn’t tried to get ChatGPT to write a joke or create song lyrics? It’s become so popular as one of the best AI content generator tools that we are not including it on our list – it’s already in the ‘Hall of Fame!”

And the best part is it’s still free (unless you opt for GPT-4 which has $20/month subscription fee). Although, with ChatGPT, you still have the issue of all learning input stopping in September 2021 – there are many ways to access ChatGPT AI content generator features with more current information, such as through Bing.

Let’s get to the list!

Best AI Tools for Marketing

We’ve put together some of the best new AI tools for marketing. Give these a try:

1. Al:

Soon to be your multilingual global filmmaker, Kreado AI crafts videos in 140 different languages with life-like virtual presenters.

Kreado AI’s platform creates videos powered by AI that enable users to produce multilingual content rapidly and effectively. The platform develops captivating, believable virtual characters for videos using AI-generated voice and natural language processing technology. 

Users have the option of entering text or keywords to produce an avatar image and an oral video depending on the content they have provided. For social media sites like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Kreado AI is perfect.

At this time, Kreado AI is free.

Best AI video tool

2. Orimon Al: is a no-code, sales assistant chatbot creator powered by ChatGPT. The first conversational AI chatbot creator in the world, Orimon creates and launches powerful conversational AI chatbots with industry training in under two minutes. With 150 languages, can develop and deploy your new chatbot with just the answers to a few basic questions about your company.

They offer a free trial and three tiers of subscriptions from a starter package at $13.41/month to the elite package at $107.91/month.

Best AI tools for business

3. Murf Al:

Your new ventriloquist – Murf can turn any text into voice, how cool is that? Murf AI is a text-to-speech application that employs AI to produce human-sounding voiceovers from written content. It is intended to assist companies and people in producing excellent audio content for podcasts, films, and other applications.

Murf AI offers a voice collection of more than 120 expert voices. You can pick from a variety of realistic voices in many languages and dialects. Murf AI has four pricing tiers, from free to $167/month for Enterprise use.

Best AI tools in 2023

4. Rask AI:

Rask translates and dubs videos into a whopping 60+ different languages. Rask AI is a platform for video localization that uses AI to offer automated voicing, captioning, and translation services. With the use of robust AI capabilities, it can swiftly localize video material, enabling companies of all sizes to produce multilingual videos.

In only a few clicks, Rask AI can translate videos into over 60 different languages. Without paying a voice actor, you can add a professional voiceover using “Text-to-Voice” and “Voice Cloning” technology.

Rask AI is offering early bird pricing at just $9/month with basic and pro plans at $39 and $99/month, respectively.

For Designers, the Best AI Art Tools

From AI tools for image generation to graphic design and layout, creativity has a new best friend. 

Best AI art tools

5. Microsoft Designer:

Your new free AI content and image wizard — it whips up fantastic posts at lightning speed. Microsoft Designer is a web application for designing graphics and images, as well as original content ideation and creation for social media, invitations, presentations, and more. It uses generative AI technology for graphics and designs to help you come up with original content.

With some limitations, Microsoft Designer is offered for free, or Microsoft 365 customers have access to a full suite of capabilities.

Most popular AI tools

6. Flair Al:

Your personal stylist, Flair AI jazzes up your products with professional looking photos. An AI-powered design tool with a library of high-end styles that customers can select and choose from, Flair AI creates excellent marketing visuals with…’Flair.’ In fact, your entire photoshoot can be compiled in under a minute. 

Flair AI is currently in private beta and offers a free trial where designers can explore its many benefits/features.

Best free AI tools

7. Lexica Al:

Think of Lexica AI as your resident graphic novel artist. It transforms texts into mind-blowing images for free. Users of the Lexica AI picture search engine can browse millions of photos produced by AI, as well as AI images created by text input from users.

Used by top AI art models, you can provide a word prompt to view AI artwork examples that correspond to each search. Additionally, you have access to a variety of categories, including AI-generated abstractions, animals, landscapes, portraits, and more.

Lexica is a free AI art generator, but they specifically state for personal use, which is defined as inclusion in a project that is not financially compensated. 

Best generative AI tools

8. Beautiful Al:

An AI-assisted creative muse, Beautiful AI takes simple text and transforms it into stunning presentations.

This web-based presentation tool uses AI to create slides for you depending on the information you provide and your preferences. It enables you to quickly build presentations by choosing from more than 70 intelligent slide templates, millions of stock images and videos, a searchable slide library, voice narration over slides, protected sharing, and collaborative work environment.

There are three main programs offered by Pro ($12.00/month), Team ($40.00/month), and Enterprise (Custom), as well as a single presentation fee of $45.

Best AI tools for marketing

9. Pictory Al:

Just like your personal film director, Pictory AI auto-creates short, visually stimulating videos with cloud-based an AI video creation tool that automatically creates short videos for social media sharing from long-form text and video content. 

White papers, webinars, podcasts, and other types of content may be transformed into high-quality, highly visible short movies for social sharing with Pictory. And with Pictory’s white-labelling features and editing tools, users can even add their own personalized logos to the films to make them more distinctive.

A Standard level subscription costs just $19.00 per user per month and Premium subscriptions cost $39.00 per user per month. There is also a customizable Enterprise option.

Best new AI tools

10. DALL-E

Along with ChatGPT, DALL-E is an OpenAI project brought to you by the company responsible for kick-starting the current wave of consumer interest in generative AI. DALL-E uses text prompts and transforms them into stimulating and original computer graphics (images, photos, drawings, paintings, etc.).

Named to pay homage to Salvador Dali, the well-known contemporary artist, and Pixar’s WALL-E, DALL-E can generate lifelike graphics from text prompts or instructions. As a deep learning algorithm created by OpenAI, DALL-E produces digital images from “prompts,” or natural language descriptions. DALL-E’s text-to-image generator makes use of a GPT-3 variant that has been altered to produce images and was unveiled by OpenAI in January 2021.

Pricing for DALL-E includes monthly refilling free credits on a limited basis or you can purchase 115 credits for $15. Service costs vary per credit.

Best AI Tools for Business

Here are some top AI tools for business whether your business is marketing or some other field:

Most useful AI tools

11. Auto-GPT by SamurAl:

Auto-GPT is an experimental, open source personal assistant that does the hard work for you! Based on the GPT-4 language model, Auto-GPT is an experimental open source autonomous AI agent. In order to accomplish a broad objective stated by the user, Auto-GPT automatically links together tasks.

It streamlines the convoluted prompting procedure frequently needed to run a chatbot like ChatGPT. The user gives one prompt or set of natural language instructions, and Auto-GPT accomplishes its aim by breaking the goal down into smaller tasks.

Pricing for Auto-GPT is based on tokens used and the free version has tokens worth $18.00 to start. From there, tokens cost $.03 per 1,000 tokens for prompts, and $.06 per 1,000 tokens for results.

Top AI tools for business

12. Guide Al:

With Guide AI, anyone may make audio guides in multiple languages using this simple software. The software produces high-quality audio guidance without the usage of audio recordings by using text-to-speech and translation technology powered by AI.

The Google Play store offers audio tours for varied and diverse destinations, including the Sir Richard Burton Mausoleum, the Canterbury Roman Museum, and the Bristol Aquarium. They offer a 2-month free trial subscription, but pricing is in Euros, so watch the conversion rate.

Best AI tools for work

13. TLDV This:

TLDV records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings, so you don’t have to! The term “Too Long; Didn’t View” is abbreviated as TLDV — this a program that enables users of websites like Google Meet and Zoom to record, transcribe, and share their online meetings effortlessly.

The TLDV platform uses AI technology to assist in transcribing live recordings that you can access through limitless recordings, transcripts, and time-stamped notes with the tool’s free version. Paying for a plan grants access to essential services like downloading records.

Pricing includes a free account, plus Bronze ($5/month), Gold ($10/month), and Platinum ($20/month).

Coolest AI tools

14. Podsift:

Podsift is your new podcast whisperer dishing out juicy summaries of your favorite podcasts.

The free tool delivers AI-generated summaries of your preferred podcasts right to your mailbox. You can register for free, enter and validate your email address, choose the podcasts for which you want to receive summaries, and then get summaries delivered to your inbox each time a new episode is released.

Best AI tools for small business

15. Arcwise Al:

This beta release is set up as a Chrome Extension, Arcwise is nothing short of a spreadsheet guru. This extension allows anyone to create spreadsheets on Excel or Google Sheets with formulas that answer your questions. Through AI assisted technology, the Arcwise platform allows analytical but non-technical business users to create, publish, and maintain spreadsheet data.

Arcwise is free while in beta testing.

Best free AI tools for business

16. Sttabot:

Like magic — turn text into AI apps without a single line of code. Sttabot CSAT is real-time AI assistant and platform for business optimization aimed at start-up enterprises. Startups can save money on manual processes thanks to the company’s usage of tools and applications powered by blockchain technology and AI focusing on business support services.

Monthly plans start at $49/month.

Best AI tools free

17. ChatGPT for Google Sheets and Docs:

ChatGPT for Google Sheets and Docs is an AI writer and assistant for Google Sheets and Docs. It allows you to use ChatGPT directly within Sheets and Docs while helping you to convert formats, clean lists, translate, create formulas, and generate copy, taglines, and descriptions, in Google Sheets and Docs.

There is a token system with a wide variety of costs for token usage based on ChatGPT or GPT-4, etc.

Top AI tools

18. Fireflies Al:

Similar to TLDV This, Fireflies is an AI assisted note-taker. Fireflies automates your meeting notes, making productivity a piece of cake.

The pricing plan includes a free tier, as well as Pro ($10/month), Business ($19/month), and a customizable Enterprise option.

Best AI tool for meeting notes

19. Skipit Al:

An AI-powered program called summarizes content from websites, PDFs, and YouTube videos with a quick copy and paste function. Why spend hours reading when you can be more efficient and productive with Skipit AI?

Faster AI responses, limitless tokens, prompt libraries, saved conversation histories, and export chat are all features of the premium edition. offers a free and a premium paid version for $9/month.

And Some Personal AI Favorites

To round out our list, here are a couple of the coolest AI tools for personal use:

Best AI writing tool

20. Travelbuddy Al: should be your new trusty travel guide. It’s like having your own AI-powered travel assistant, making travel a breeze.

This travel assistant can generate bespoke itineraries that cater to your needs, travel style, and tastes. Get rid of cookie-cutter, generic itineraries and say hello to a true one-of-a-kind customized travel experience.

It’s free and really slick – with just a few personal selections, you get great suggestions and tons of resources.

Best AI copywriting tool

21. TalkBerry:

Think of TalkBerry as your personal language coach. You can jumpstart learning a new language by talking with TalkBerry’s fully immersive AI tutors.

With AI, TalkBerry provides natural conversations for a simple and enjoyable solution. This AI-powered language learning software offers over 20 different scenarios, like ‘meeting new friends’ or ‘making reservations’ or ‘ordering food’, with realistic dialogues in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, and other languages.

They are offering TalkBerry for free at this time.

To Sum Up

We hope you have had a great time learning about all the ways AI can help you in your life. There’s so much more to explore as creative people continue to develop ways to make our lives easier.

Contact Lounge Lizard to learn more about how we use AI to create bold digital marketing strategies and put them into action to grow your business.

Published on: July 13th, 2023
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Top 21 AI Tools for Marketing and Business
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