Best SaaS Websites – Top 16 Engaging Designs for 2024

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Updated on: January 2nd, 2024Ken Braun12 min read
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Today, more and more companies are looking for SaaS solutions for their business needs and you want your service to stand out in the crowded and competitive marketplace. 

Whether you have a new start up or an established SaaS powerhouse product, you want top SaaS web designers to create your new site and capture the attention of those customers ready to close the deal.

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SaaS Website Designs

Searching high and low, we’ve found the best SaaS website designs for 2024. Join us on a journey to see some of the most creative, innovative, and engaging website designs for 16 top SaaS companies. We explore the best SaaS web designs that include new, thoughtful engagement tools, intriguing Calls to Action (CTAs), and a variety of animated and interactive user experience techniques.

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Best SaaS Website Designs

Here are the 16 examples of the most beautiful enterprise SaaS web design we found on the web. Each shows great use of creativity and outstanding UI/UX design coupled with innovative development and advanced technology features. Take a look and maybe you’ll find a favorite — we couldn’t pick just one best SaaS website!

1. Slack

Slack is a standout example of a great SaaS software website plus a terrific representation of straightforward UX design for websites. 

As a collaboration hub platform for messaging and teamwork that supports businesses of all sizes, Slack has a website that uses bright, vibrant colors, high-quality videos, is easy to navigate, and has prominent calls to action. Additionally, Slack’s website design features informative content plus some cool pop ups to engage the user looking for SaaS business communications tools.

2. Semrush

Semrush has simplicity in it’s design that keeps the user focused on the task at hand — no distracting elements to take away from the brand’s message, only a clean, white space with minimal use of bold colorful geometrics. 

Stepping away from convention, the Semrush hero section displays a ‘Trusted by’ section with some of the world’s leading brands front and center. The site also uses clear call-to action buttons to guide potential customers to their products as well as a great use of client testimonials and 5-star reviews to gain customer trust. 

3. Ghost

A full media and newsletter platform for new media creators, Ghost is a potent tool for publishing, sharing, and expanding a business model around their content. As a top SaaS site, Ghost includes advanced contemporary tools for creator profiles, creating websites, publishing content, sending newsletters, and the analytics to keep track of it all.

While the site offers many examples of their content, it can be seen as a bit busy. But what the home page emphasizes effectively is the breath of tools and offerings packing in a lot of information that’s easy to follow. Ghost is open source and user funded and their site shows their creativity and innovation.

4. Kissmetrics

Offering analytics and analysis tools as a service, Kissmetrics, showcases their layout with straightforward and simple to absorb blue and green colors and graphics. Just like many of the top SaaS web designs, users can quickly comprehend the offered service and engage with the straightforward call-to-action buttons.

Your screen won’t be cluttered with useless information while using Kissmetrics. The simple design gives you access to additional information by scrolling down the page. Additionally, Kissmetrics emphasizes its message by using the site’s humorous style and soft color contrast.

5. Worksome

This is the type of SaaS website you need if you want something straightforward yet functional.

The SaaS solution, Worksome, makes it easier for users to hire and oversee their outside labor force. In essence, it streamlines the hiring and management of independent contractors for businesses using its network. 

Straightforward in black and white, Worksome effectively highlights their services, pay functions, simple pricing plan, and dashboard, plus promises 100% compliance for those annoying contractor questions that businesses are struggling with now more than ever.

6. Dropbox

As enterprise SaaS web site designs go, this one is world-class! Dropbox is a major player in their industry, and they don’t have to rely on flowery hero content or flashy images — their home page is a straightforward sign up form that’s gets you going on their service. It works for them since most everyone is familiar with their services — nice brand positioning for sure, but keep in mind, it may not work for your site.

Like their tagline: “Keeping life organized and work moving — all in one place,” their website is clean and modern and makes great use of white space and calls-to-action. 

7. Ramp

The perfect SaaS site for companies wanting effortless expensing, accounting, and spend management tracking technology. Clean and well organized, the Ramp website understands their SaaS market and has created a website that guides users effortlessly through their process to close the deal.

Their chatbot cleverly asks visitors if they are looking to apply, want to talk to sales, or are just looking around. Great, customer-centric calls to action highlight the different solutions, and there are tons of free tools on offer to further increase the user’s sense of connection.

8. HubSpot

As one of the leading CRM software providers in business today, HubSpot has one of the best SaaS website designs around. With “Get a Demo” and “Get Started Free” calls to action both front and center and sticky to move down the page, this website keeps its UX aligned with the top services and most popular features making it a breeze to get signed up and try their products before making a purchase.

9. ClickUp

Billed as “One app to replace them all.,” ClickUp’s productivity SaaS website has a tall order to fill, and it does just that. Plus, if you place a lot of emphasis on SEO, ClickUp is a wonderful case study to consider. They have a ton of pages that are optimized for Google rankings.

A project management tool, ClickUp, has a ton of capabilities, and does an excellent job of illustrating that to users through the use of illustrations and animated videos. They also have drop down menus that are well labeled and easily guide site visitors to their solutions, case studies, and resources.

10. MailChimp

A SaaS website should have a simple, uncomplicated design, plus fantastic illustration of how to quickly reach your target audience. MailChimp’s SaaS web design fits the bill!

Users ought to be able to identify the service’s intended audience and on Mailchimp’s site, you get engaging services links, free trial offers, and a full pricing layout all on the home page. No guesswork. Plus, the site does a great job of presenting integration partnerships and automations.

11. Welcome

An end-to-end webinar, special events, and content creation platform, Welcome supports marketers and event planners in designing, budgeting, hosting, and redeveloping all of their special events.

Modern, elegant, and clean, the Welcome SaaS website is award winning and designed for teams that are hosting extraordinary events that bring income and engagements. As soon as you land on their home page, you know exactly what they do and how to proceed. They also make effective use of instructional video content that points toward their premium products. Additionally, their pricing page gives solid info while leading potential customers to their sales team without divulging too much information.

12. Spotify

One of the best SaaS websites for B2C, Spotify is dominating the personal audio streaming industry with no end in sight. Its home page is minimal and spare with a sleek black background and search features that keep users engaged. Spotify does a fantastic job of emphasizing their free three-month trial offer and enticing users to consider their premium service, plus they let users build their music and podcast libraries easily keeping them further engaged.

13. DocuSign

DocuSign offers a great online document signing service that has revolutionized businesses from legal practices to banking to real estate. Their site features a free trial as well as a live chatbot to answer questions and help with information. They also do a great job of using social proofing by tracking the number of signatories they have had (in the hundreds of millions) and the number of customers (over 700K).

14. Typeform

As a form customization SaaS solution, Typeform has one of the best SaaS landing pages that features a clean, white canvas with striking video and animation. Their home page guides you through solutions and provides a no-nonsense “Here’s how it works” section that explains their templates and wizards. Typeform also use testimonials and partner integrations to great effect demonstrating how flexible and effective their service is at acquiring new customers.

15. Butter

Smooth like Butter — this SaaS website offers virtual collaboration solutions and features engaging interactions, planning and facilitation tools, and integrated collaboration opportunities in a streamlined package that emphasizes fun copy, bright color (yellow-centric), and engaging, animated calls to action throughout.

There is plenty of social proof throughout the home page with client logos and facilitator testimonials and great animations and videos throughout. Like many of our examples, Butter does a good job of making their calls to action frequent and accessible.

16. Juno

A SaaS platform that assists businesses in rewarding their workforce, Juno enables companies to offer flexible access to empowering benefits for their employees. This website demonstrates how important it is to be clear with your messaging and have a great About page.

While maintaining a professional appearance with plenty of white space and crisp text, their website design plays on a delightful and colorful theme that looks young and fresh. Additionally, Juno does a good job to increase social proof by providing a list of their clients on their homepage hero section overlayed on the engaging hero video, as well as other social proof techniques throughout.

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Need a SaaS Website Design Agency?

So, there we have it — our 16 top SaaS web designs for 2024!

Each makes bold use of color and clean, streamlined design. Another major component for each is a strong SEO focus with great use of keywords and on-page optimization techniques.

If you are a SaaS company looking for ingenious, inspiring design services for your next website, contact Lounge Lizard, an experienced SaaS website design agency that has tons of experience in great SaaS websites and award-winning design and development services.

Contact Lounge Lizard, one of the best web site designers for enterprise SaaS Solutions, to learn more about building a successful digital marketing and design strategy that will position your business to capture more site visitors and sign up more subscribers.

Published on: June 8th, 2023
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Best SaaS Websites – Top 16 Engaging Designs for 2024
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