The 5 Key Aspects of Enterprise Mobile App Development

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Updated on: January 9th, 2023Frank Falco6 min read
Enterprise Mobile App Development

One of the most important aspects in the continuing digital transformation occurring in growing businesses is enterprise mobility. As more employees work outside of the office there has been a greater need for mobility to perform business tasks which have resulted in the increase of enterprise mobile apps. As an experienced mobile app developer, today we wanted to share the 5 Key Aspects of Enterprise mobile app development you should be aware of if your business is looking to expand their mobility.

What is an Enterprise Mobile App?

The standard definition of an enterprise mobile app is an application used specifically in the business world to solve specific problems or issues of an enterprise. With more businesses either employing remote workers or looking to expand the ability of workers to complete tasks outside of the office, enterprise mobility has become a hot topic over the past few years.

Having mobility then provides flexibility which is important when you are looking to streamline the process flow within an organization while looking for maximum functionality. That is where an enterprise mobile app comes in.

A good example would be the airline industries. Alaska Airlines uses multiple apps to provide information, such as a pilot’s manual or to provide communication and collaboration among the crew. Airports, such as the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, have also gotten into using enterprise apps for simple things from maintenance issues to higher priority problems such as airfield inspections where reports are created on the spot for submission rather than taking notes to be entered into a system later. They have another app just for customers to help enhance visits.

5 Keys to Enterprise Mobile App Development

Here are the 5 keys to enterprise mobile app development that we focus on for every project:

  • The user experience – The user experience needs to be exceptional for any enterprise app because the allure of the app is that it will increase productivity, not decrease it. Any app without a great user experience is going to be a difficult push to employees when you are changing a process which might lead to some users preferring to hold onto the old process. Having an intuitive app that makes the process better, faster, and easier starts by focusing on the user experience.
  • Real-time connectivity – This should always be a consideration because in most cases when someone is out in the field they can benefit from real-time updates from simple things like inventory and product tracking to third party feeds.
  • Automating processes – One of the biggest things the app needs to do is to automate processes to help streamline operations which results in savings for time or costs. For example, airports using devices to allow on the spot reporting of airfield inspections are providing useful, immediate information that can then impact flight schedules and repairs based on the results of inspections.
  • Third-party integration – Most smart devices have a host of useful apps that can then be integrated into your app to make it more successful. Google maps would be a prime example for providing a location, mapping, and even traffic data.
  • Cloud storageCloud storage solutions are a top priority for many industries because of how useful they have become in quickly providing information to whoever needs it wherever they might be. For that reason alone, enterprise apps should be designed keeping cloud storage in mind.

4 Things to Avoid with EMAD

As an added bonus, we also wanted to share the 4 things you should avoid during Enterprise mobile app development for a more successful project:

  • Developing it like a desktop app – Desktop applications should not simply be replicated to a mobile device. By the same token, an enterprise app should not be developed like a desktop app. The same reasoning applies in both cases in that the mobile aspect of the app is the key. You need to focus on mobile functionality and serving a particular need or solving a particular problem rather than trying to do numerous things that a desktop application can cover.
  • Ignoring security – For most businesses security is a concern. Because of how easily mobile devices can be lost or stolen, it is important that your app has adequate security and governance to keep data protected.
  • Copying existing apps – There are a lot of apps out there and while they should be looked at to learn what works or doesn’t work, they shouldn’t just be copied. Every business is different with specific problems and needs which the app needs to address first and foremost.
  • Making it just to have it – Making an app just to have it is not good business. While some developers might encourage this tactic to generate profits, a mobile app should solve a problem or fill a need to then make your business more productive, efficient, or profitable.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that enterprise mobility is a growing trend in the business world. Our 5 key aspects of enterprise mobile app development highlight the areas that you should be thinking about if or when you decide that your business could use an app to help provide maximum functionality or streamline a process flow within your organization.

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Published on: July 9th, 2018
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The 5 Key Aspects of Enterprise Mobile App Development
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