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Should you use Video Marketing?

Should you use video marketing? It has certainly become a very common method for promotion, but how effective is it and is it right for your brand? As a top website design firm, we wanted to share our thoughts on the topic and provide the answers you need to make an informed business decision.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a stream of pictures worth?

What is Video Marketing?

In a nutshell, video marketing is the integration of video technology into marketing efforts to create a more engaging type of content that is easily digestible. It can be used in multiple ways to help build customer relations, provide customer support, promote services and products, promote your brand, deliver viral content, and more.

Your business either creates or has someone create video content, which is a similar process to other content creation in methods when it comes to planning and purpose. The actual execution is a bit different than crafting a blog or a white page but otherwise at its’ most basic it is just another method of content marketing.

This type of marketing has gotten more and more popular over the last few years and technology has allowed video consumption much more easily and quickly. With over a billion users on YouTube, it is obvious that video content is a preferred type of content users like to digest.

You can find great examples of Video Content Marketing in this Forbes article.

Where is it Taking Place?

Not surprisingly YouTube is the hottest platform when it comes to video publication location. The sheer size of the platform combined with its primary focus makes this a must-use location for videos even if you publish them elsewhere first.

Facebook is the next most popular avenue for videos. The size of the social media platform comes into play along with reach and also the launch of Facebook Live was revolutionary for live streaming.

Webinars are a dependable option with over a third of all marketers having either hosted or participated in a webinar.

Instagram and Twitter both have a decent presence in the area of video content, however, they are both used less often and content is slightly less effective compared to using Facebook. If these are your primary social media contact points for customers they should most certainly be used.

LinkedIn also can be used for video content however it is not used as much or with the same effectiveness as other platforms.

Last, and definitely least, is Snapchat. Hardly anyone uses it and it has not proven to be effective and probably should be avoided.

Benefits of Video Marketing

The primary benefit of using video marketing is ease-of-use. Everyone knows how to watch a video; it is simply point-and-click. They are also great for creating engagement and increasing information retention. Finally, videos are fantastic when it comes to SEO.

Cross-referencing multiple surveys throughout the industry, the data we have compiled shows that:

  • Over 90% of people have watched some form of a How-to video to learn about either a product or service
  • Over 70% of businesses that use video marketing have reported an increase in sales
  • Over 75% of businesses that use video marketing have reported an increase in traffic
  • Over 80% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product or service based on a video from that business
  • Almost 50% of businesses that utilize videos to assist with customer support have reported a decrease in direct customer support requests
  • Over 85% of consumers reported they would like to see more videos from brands

Across the board, those are great numbers that support the use of videos for your brand!

Ways to use Video Marketing

The best methods for using video marketing include:

  • Live Stream – A live stream is one of the best ways to employ video because such a high percentage of customers prefer a live video over blogs and other static methods of content delivery. The reasoning is fairly simple; people love to be first. When you are watching a live stream you are the first in the know, which lately has become a big thing in our society. The most important thing to remember when using this video method is the quality of the video. That means in focus, good angles, clear audio and the like. The second most import aspect is to be engaging. People who are more outgoing and quick-witted tend to make the best live hosts or narrators because they tend to keep things interesting and upbeat.
  • Stories – Instagram and Snapchat both have the Stories feature which is a great way to engage consumers on these platforms. This style of content creation is a bit different compared to traditional video as there is a time expiration on them as well as limited dimensions. They work great for quick, behind-the-scenes situations as well as a method to essentially be “live” on these platforms if you respond to questions with additional posts for a truly social experience.
  • Video Tutorials – Tutorial videos were the bread and butter of the video marketing scene before live streaming took off. It used to be if you wanted to learn something you would read a book or have someone show you how in person. Today if you want to learn about or how to do something, you watch a video. It is a great method for communication because of the ability to demonstrate something while explaining offers two layers of comprehension with visual and audio. The majority of consumers express a preference to watch a video rather than read the text.
  • VR Videos – This is an emerging technology and as such is still a bit hit-or-miss. In theory, a 360-degree video offers more options and a higher level of information compared to a standard video. However to watch a VR Video you need additional equipment which the majority of consumers simply do not have. For brands that appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy niche, this method of delivery can produce great results.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that most likely you should use video marketing to help support and promote your brand. It is not only a proven, effective method but it is also growing in popularity and as a preferred way to digest content. With the variety of ways it can be utilized along with numerous platform options, every business can benefit from using video marketing to increase traffic and sales which in turn helps increase your bottom line.


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