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The 10 Best Online Lead Generation Tools

Online lead generation is hard. That is a simple fact based on elementary math. While there are over 327 million people in the U.S. alone, there are also millions of businesses each looking to entice enough customers to generate a profit. With so many companies clamoring for the attention of customers on every online platform, generating leads has never been harder. As a top digital marketing company, we wanted to share our list of the 10 Best Online Lead Generation Tools for 2019.

A wise person understands that there is a proper tool for every job, and that is definitely true when it comes to lead generation. With so many aspects to a well-rounded lead generation program, having a few tools has become a necessity for optimal organization and efficiency.

10 Best Online Lead Generation Tools

  • HubSpot MarketingHubSpot Marketing is an excellent tool with both a free and paid option. The reason they top the list is because of variety as well as integration ability. Their toolbox includes forms, popup forms, live chat, chatbots and more. Their integration is very smooth with most customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and email tools along with working extremely well with HubSpot’s free CRM.
  • Proof – Proof’s main focus is on using social proof to help increase conversion rates on websites along with software to assist in personalization and A/B testing. The social proof angle is an excellent addition to most sites and A/B testing is an absolute must when looking to maximize opportunities.
  • Hot Jar – This platform focuses on the customer experience and provides analytical support to help with conversion optimization. Along with important tools such as heat maps and form analytics, they can also create on-site polls and provide session replays. They offer both free and paid versions and are a great way to learn more about your users.
  • Survey Anyplace – While forms are the most standard way to collect information, specifically on leads, surveys and quizzes are a much more engaging method that should be utilized by more businesses. Quizzes can be customized and built for lead generation while customer satisfaction surveys can help with the optimization process.
  • Hello Bar – Another great free option, this WordPress plugin creates a sticky banner that appears on the top or bottom of a browser and provides CTA and lead capture tools. There are several applications such as using it on promotional announcements like a new product feature to help with short term lead drives.
  • Clearbit – Clearbit is a useful option if your department has the budget and values data. Along with their forms tool, they use an enrichment option to fill important data to product records, a CRM, or anywhere else.
  • TypeForm – This is a nice survey tool which is good for lead generation as well as conversion research insights from the customer surveys which can be created.
  • ly – This free lead generation tool is an excellent complimentary option to provide a business with additional information on social media profiles which can help create more complete lead profiles.
  • Mailshake – When it comes to email outreach, Mailshake is one of the best tools available. Along with being useful for sales and promotion, this tool can be used for public relations, fundraising, or link building. Through the use of personalization and automation this tool is a fantastic time saver.
  • Intercom – This platform offers a lot of options under a single roof with tools for both marketing and sales along with a robust help desk including a detailed knowledge base for support. One of the best features is the on-site messaging and chat features which allows for direct engagement with on-site visitors.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that having too many leads is a problem every business wishes they could have. Take a step in that direction with your business by trying one or more of the 10 best online lead generation tools from our list to help automate and optimize your processes to help create more leads as well as converting more of them.


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