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Creating Engaging Long-Form Videos is Easier than you Think

Videos are a popular content format primarily because of how digestible they are for mobile users. Watching a video on a phone with earbuds can be accomplished while riding in a car, waiting for a train, or walking (which we do not support) compared to reading content which is not always very easy. That is why businesses looking for a boost in the area of content marketing are turning to videos to engage audiences. As a top digital marketing firm, we wanted to show everyone that creating engaging long-form videos is easier than you think.

One reason long-form video is avoided by many content creators is because at first-glance they seem difficult and labor intensive to produce, especially ones made with high-enough quality to generate the engagement desired. With most videos being 30 to 90 seconds, making something in the 3 to 5-minute range is a big jump but that should be looked at as a positive because it allows for better selling of products or services.

The Power of Online Video

In the case of online video, both short and long form, the reason they are deemed so powerful is:

  • Ability for storytelling
  • Reasonable cost for results
  • Higher engagement because of visual and audio input
  • Accessibility
  • Ability to share

Even when you consider the additional time, effort, and cost compared to something such as writing a blog, the potential reach of a great video is millions of views within a short time frame such as a week. Great articles or infographics struggle to match those numbers in a month.

Process for Long-Form Video Creation

This is a general outline for creating engaging, long-form videos. Of course, worth mentioning is that every business, and its’ customers, are different. Therefore, there will be variations when it comes to the customer’s journey which might mean making modifications to this outline to better meet specific needs.

  • Ensure the customer is represented – Whether it is an individual or a creative team being used, it is important to ensure that the customer base is represented within the video. By that, the story needs to include a diverse perspective and be relatable to the customer demographic.
  • Follow the customer journey – The best stories are based on experience; therefore, it is important that everyone involved follows the customer journey which includes trying out products or services. This allows for a greater understanding and insights which can be applied in the storytelling.
  • Create a main character – A key to long-form video is making use of storytelling. The key aspect of most any story is a main character, consequently starting with a character makes sense. The main character can be many things from silly and outlandish to a common customer profile. Whatever character is used should be engaging and marketable, which is an important long-term consideration if a video becomes a big hit. Examples would be the Bud Light Knight or Mayhem from Allstate.
  • Craft multiple concepts – The concepts should be based around addresses specific problem or problems which the product or services solve. When working with a team allow each person to create their own concept.
  • Pitch the concepts – Depending on who makes the decisions, concepts should be refined and then pitched to determine which idea works best. Once a concept is chosen, it should be refined more, even borrowing good ideas from other pitches, to ensure the final product is the best it can be.
  • Create the video – With the main character and story concept, the next step is to create the video itself. The structure should be simple; start with an engaging hook so people will stop and pay attention, address the problem the product will solve, then show how the product solves the problem. Finally, utilize a strong call-to-action to close out.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that videos are one of the best content types available for digital marketing. For those who have avoided creating videos or only make 30-second spots, creating engaging long-form videos is easier than you think. They are a proven way to increase sales by 400% or more (for the Squatty Potty of all things) and should not be overlooked by any business serious about increasing conversions.


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