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Social Objects: Setting The Cornerstone of Transformative Online Marketing

The only constant is change. In the foundations and elemental structures that give form to today’s online world, the traditional search-based infrastructure of the Web – little changed since 1995 – is now giving way to a new paradigm of social collaboration and referral. Rather than links or listings, the new coin of the realm is social behavior: what people do, why they do it, and most importantly, what they inspire others to do.

Knockout: Driving Online Success By Punching Above Your Weight

As an economic revival continues to take shape, today’s digital marketing landscape is more contoured and complex than ever. Increasing online development budgets are being spent […]

Social Media 2010: Online Community Building With Christina Kerley

Recently the Libation team caught up with social media specialist Christina Kerley (aka “CK”) and asked her to share some thoughts about social media in relationship […]

High Feedback: Mobile Interactive’s Power To Transform Markets

Most of the history of sales and marketing, dating back to the most ancient street bazaars, can be told as the long story of human beings […]

Interview with Lounge Lizard’s Founder and CEO, Ken Braun

A brief look into the company’s history, as conducted by Brad Szollose. View the entire interview.

Decentralize and Succeed: Building Markets By Trusting Your Customers

Before the advent of online digital media, the traditional and dominant marketing model was a very controlled and specifically directed one: that of brick and mortar […]

Font Freedom

I carry the internet around in my pocket on a device that rivals a calculator in size. I can pull up a map of the nearest […]

After The Impulse Buy: Take Steps Now To Profit From Economic Recovery

Economists generally agree today that while the global economy is far from fully recovered, business activity is picking up again and the slow march towards growth […]

Four Proven Principles For Success In Online Social Networking

In this very competitive economy, every business now is searching for that special edge, that new strategy that will secure their market and push them ahead. […]

Intelligence: Weaving Smart Decision Making Into An Interactive Campaign

Seductive images.  Charming sounds.  Witty, deliberate words.  The bold – and subtle – expressions that capture the imagination, directing the senses towards a captivating and motivating […]