Our Top Tips For Monetizing Mobile App Games

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Updated on: August 23rd, 2022Frank Falco5 min read
Our top tips for monetizing mobile app games

Mobile games are expected to generate over $40 billion in revenue this year. If you are a mobile app developer, how are you planning on getting a slice of that cake? With mobile gamers spending more money each year the topic of monetization is a hot one. Rather than simply focusing on the small group that typically spends the most, our top tips for monetizing mobile app games focuses on the wider market that so far still has a lot of untapped potential.

Tips for Monetizing Mobile App Games

  • Reward skilled players – One of the best things you can do is freely reward players for playing the game and doing it well. This type of incentive gives a player a sense of achievement and helps with retention and engagement which are both critical for an app’s success. The longer a player is engaged the more likely it is they will make an in-game purchase especially if they get stuck at a higher level and decide they need a specific offer to help get over the hump.
  • Low price point for in-game items – Some games have ridiculously high price points so much that it simply does not make sense to make a purchase in relation to the time and enjoyment they might receive. Very low price points like $0.99, $1.99, and $2.99 have proven very successful. Also offering a variety of bundles and options at various price points gives a user more choices. Finally if you decide that you do want to include higher price points, save those offers for later stages of a game that are targeting users that have proven themselves highly engaged and thus more likely to convert.
  • Use targeted messaging – Far too many games use bland, one-size messaging rather than taking the time to tailor messages. As mentioned in our previous points, there are specific times you can effectively target higher level players to fit their needs. This should be done at all stages using the data you have for a user such as frequency, time on app, etc. You should use messages triggered by custom events like special events or repeated failures along with completing certain stages and receiving loyalty rewards.
  • Keep adding new features – Some of the best mobile games ever made are still constantly adding new content and features. This helps keep existing players engaged and helps target new users because the games are so much bigger and have a large following that they have more perceived entertainment value. Player engagement and retention is a key to monetization success and regular updates is a great way to achieve that.
  • Accentuate critical junctures – One thing every game loves is the rush or satisfaction from getting past certain critical junctures. Developers should recognize this and accentuate those junctures with extra rewards, accolades or even cool in-game moments like having the main character break out into a victory dance. Positive reinforcement helps cement that encouraging memory making it more likely for a person to return to a game to experience that feeling again.
  • Constantly review your funnel – Your sales funnel should be reviewed and tweaked on a regular basis. When you initially launch you have perceived expectations, possibly modeled after other games, however perception is not reality. You then need to review the funnel and find any problems or leaks using analytic review and then make adjustments. This can cover everything from how easy it is to level to the best points for effective targeted messaging. Review-test-adjust-repeat is a good idea both before and after launch.

The bottom line is that mobile games are a huge market, one that draws developers like moths to the flame. However many developers get burned because their game ends up not being profitable in a massively crowded field. Our top tips for monetizing mobile app games provides some ideas you can apply to almost any type of game to help monetize more people that do like what you have to offer and help increase the profit line to where you want it to be.

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Published on: February 27th, 2017
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Our Top Tips For Monetizing Mobile App Games
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