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10 Things You Can Easily Do To Increase Conversions

Every business should be looking for ways to increase their website’s conversion rate. If you aren’t then you are in danger of missing out on potential leads and sales. As a top web development company, we wanted to share 10 Things you can easily do to increase conversions on your website.

Like they say, a penny saved is a penny earned so let’s look at some things you can do to save some conversions and earn a lot more for your bottom line.

10 Things that Increase Conversions

  1. Clear Value Proposition – This is an often overlooked selling point; what is special about your product or services? What value can they get from you compared to another business or product?
  2. Testimonials – Testimonials offer the important aspect of social proof to your website which can help nudge perspective customers into converting ones. People want to see that other people like and approve of your offers.
  3. Guarantees – One of the best conversion increasing concepts for ecommerce sites is a guaranteed refund policy on new purchases. This offers a reduced risk to new customers and can help push them towards converting.
  4. List Benefits or Features – You need to clearly state all the features and benefits your products and services offer. More than just a value proposition, this is where you cover everything you can provide, uses for items, how items or services will benefit people and more.
  5. Strong CTA’s – Strong calls to action need to be incorporated into every page, every piece of content and every contact point with customers. You need to tell them what you want to do next, not leave them wondering where to go next.
  6. Above the Fold – Above the fold is the upper half of the webpage that people always see no matter what size screen or device they are using. You should have CTAs, opt-in or sign-up boxes and other conversion elements above the fold with secondary elements in other locations.
  7. Multiple Payment Options – Never miss out on a conversion because someone only has VISA when you only accept MasterCard and PayPal or vice versa. Always have the top preferences available.
  8. Input Fields Optional – When you use forms for information, sign ups, etc make sure that only the critical fields are required. Many people do not like to give out too much information or are in a hurry so allowing as many fields as possible to be optional increases the chances they will actually stay and complete the form.
  9. Customer Reviews – Customers reviews are another form of social proof although different from testimonials. Reviews should always be honest and real. There should be good reviews and bad because if they are all good then people suspect trickery. Buying decisions are influenced by both positive and negative reviews, especially if you respond to negative reviews with good customer service and/or product updates to offset the problem.
  10. Social Proof via Social Media – Social media offers another method for social proof. When you include links to share on Facebook or Twitter along with action counts this supports that other people like what you have to offer. After all, if ten thousand other people like your product it must have something going for it!

The bottom line is that conversions are the primary goal for many business websites. So in that regard you should always be on the lookout for anything you can do that will increase those numbers. These 10 things you can easily do to increase conversions are the most common items we see not being done on sites that should be; that is if you like a higher conversion rate.

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