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Is Fastbase the Lead Integration tool you are missing?

The saying ‘Knowledge is power’ has proven itself true time and time again especially in the business world. Specifically, when looking at website optimization, lead generation, and search engine optimization (SEO), information is critical to your ability to analyze and improve. As a top web development firm, we always keep an eye out for tools that will help our customers be more successful and today we want to discuss Fastlane, which is an extension for Google Analytics, to see if Fastbase is the lead integration tool you are missing.

What is Fastbase?

Fastbase is a Google Analytics add-on that aims to identify web traffic to then provide real business contacts. It was launched in 2016 by Rasmus Refer, a Danish entrepreneur who is well-known for creating Masterseek which is a B2B search engine founded in 1999.

It works by identifying companies that visit your website by taking the visitors’ IP address and then cross-referencing that with a worldwide database of companies creating web leads. Over 800,000 companies installed and used Fastbase as an add-on to their Google Analytics accounts in the first 18 months after its’ release. You can also buy targeted lists of contacts and create Google AdWords campaigns with it.

While there is prominent use of the Google Analytics logos and the interface appears similar, it is important to note that Fastbase is not an affiliate of Google.

Earlier in 2018, Fastbase launched an intelligent software that identifies website visitors in real-time along with engaging the visitor to help convert the lead into a sale. Their goal is to have 4 million websites using the software by the end of 2018.

What are the benefits of Fastbase?

The primary benefit of using this software is lead integration when combined with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms such as Hubspot.

It is especially useful for those companies focused on business-to-business (B2B) transactions because the amount of data available is much greater than for B2C, often including important details such as company email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, and contact telephone numbers. Singular visitors, which are predominate in B2C transactions, are much more difficult to identify as the IP addresses are less-likely to be referenceable in their database.

The LinkedIn connection is especially useful when it comes to making a business connection as you can immediately learn more about who was looking at your website. Fastbase does have an advantage over comparable products due to the connection with Masterseek which has almost two decades worth of search data at its’ fingertips.

There are other important metrics tracked such as pageviews and time spent by visitors, so you have a good idea of where they went and what was most (or least) interesting to them.

Similar to the Google Trends software, they have a Predicated Visitor tool which uses an advanced algorithm and machine learning AI to identify leads that will most likely visit a business’s website. These insights help enhance marketing and sales opportunities.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Fastbase is the lead integration tool you are missing if your business is primarily focused on B2B transactions. It provides very useful data that can help identify leads you otherwise might have missed. Partnering with both Fastbase and Hubspot has allowed us to set up clients quickly for success, demonstrating how to utilize the leads these tools provide to create more business opportunities and ultimately more conversions.


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