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3 Key Tips for Improved Customer Experiences

We talk a lot about improving customer experiences during web development, but that doesn’t always mean focusing on just design aspects such as button placement, layout, or form fields. Sometimes you need to remember that the journey and user experience touches on more than just features. That is why today we wanted to share 3 Key Tips for Improved Customer Experiences that goes beyond the design itself.

Why are Experiences Important?

The driving concept behind providing a good or great customer experience is retention. When you want people to fall in love with your brand and become lifetime customers it takes more than just a great product or providing good services. You need to go the extra mile, which is pretty cliché but sums it up nicely.

You need to leave a great impression with customers so that they think positively about your brand. There are numerous ways that top web design firms provide a wonderful experience for customers by using intuitive and common navigation options, creating a fast-loading site, and having a site being mobile optimized.

However, there are other ways to provide a phenomenal experience aside from the design.

3 Tips for Improved Customer Experiences

These tips utilize out-the-box thinking because if you can provide a better experience in an area the competition isn’t, that is worth quite a lot.

  • Get Social with Social Media – Social media is an extremely powerful tool and one that should operate two ways; they interact with you and you interact with them. Take the time to follow your customers on their social media channels, which shows you are interested in them. There are existing tools out there which can convert your client email list to a list of social accounts.

Along with the social interaction of following them, commenting, and even liking items, you can also better understand what interests your clients based on what they share and talk about. These insights are useful on multiple levels including if someone has an unpleasant experience with your brand and is going to complain about it.

  • Create Better Content – This might seem generic, but creating better content always improves the customer experience. An important clarification to make is that better does not always mean new. While fresh, new content is valuable, often established brands have pieces of content that performed very well and simply need to be dusted off and updated.

You can also look at sharing content that customers have shown interest in on social media or creating new content based on their social media interests that intersect with your business. If you take the time to listen, your audience will tell you what they want and expect.

  • Improve Post-Sale Contact – After a conversion is made, there is still a journey for the customer. They should receive emails with information such as the copy of the invoice, shipping information, follow-up surveys, and the like. But often that aspect of contact is not well tested and reviewed for improvement.

Think of your own interactions with other businesses. After you get an invoice do you hear from them again? Or do you just get a renewal notice email the following year?

This is an area where you can improve by creating a few accounts and testing the contact points. Each interaction should be necessary and provide value while matching your branding message. You want to meet needs without being annoying. This testing process should include every scenario that might occur from product returns to complaints to uncompleted surveys. Make every aspect of the journey a wonderful experience!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that without customers you have no business. Whether you like it or not, each customer has a degree of power in your success. By following our 3 Key Tips for Improved Customer Experiences you can gain a competitive edge over your competition in what many consider the new battleground for customer loyalty.


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