Can Personalized Video Landing Pages Increase Conversions?

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Updated on: January 5th, 2023Olga Pechnikova5 min read
Can Personalized Video Landing Pages Increase Conversions

Improving the conversion rate for a website is often a top concern. With the average conversion rate still hovering under 2.5%, most sites have a lot of room for improvement. Even gaining an extra eighth of a percent can have a huge impact on the profit line over a year which is why it makes sense to evaluate all methods which can provide a boost. As a top web development company, we understand the importance of maximizing conversions. Today we wanted to discuss a hot topic for the coming year; can personalized video landing pages increase conversions?

Video content is a proven method for capturing and holding an audience’s attention. Did you know that there are 3.25 billion hours of video watched on YouTube each month? As it is a very effective content delivery method, why not incorporate that concept into other areas of your website?

What are Video Landing Pages?

The purpose of a landing page on a website is to convert visitors into either leads or conversions. They can be called various things such as a destination page, static page, or lead capture page. When a user clicks on a search engine result, online ad, etc. they are sent to a corresponding landing page.

A video landing page is simply a landing page with a video embedded within them. The video launches as the visitor arrive to grab the user’s attention and attempt to engage them with information about a product or service. The personalization comes into play when you apply your company’s branding, color scheme, logo, etc. to maximize brand recognition.

There are a variety of elements that can be included, such as customized CTA buttons. Since landing pages can be used for different stages in the customer journey, they can be tailored for more specific needs depending on who will be clicking on the link and where they are in the funnel.

How can Personalized Video Landing Pages Increase Conversions?

There are a handful of ways video landing pages can increase conversions over a standard, static page:

  • Better engagement – Video is simply a better, more engaging medium compared to text. It is more digestible and video landing pages are much more interesting because they aren’t as common. They can quickly capture attention in a way that a static page cannot. While statistics vary based on business type, numerous marketers have reported 50-60% more time on page for landing pages with personalized videos.
  • Build trust – People can be much more persuasive and friendly than blocks of texts. When you use video the right way, it offers a unique insight into the people behind the brand. This can help build trust and foster a connection much faster than conveying the same information via text. Seeing people and hearing them talk gives a better sense of a person, which can be accomplished with video. People prefer, for the most part, to deal with other real people and not a faceless corporation.
  • More versatility – There are a host of ways you can combine video and other elements to create something both unique and effective. For example, a lead capture form can be inserted during the first portion of a video. Some might think using turnstiles reduce leads, but what it actually does is increase your qualified leads.
  • Better user experience – By taking the time to leverage your knowledge of the audience, using personalized pages can create more relevant, interesting experiences for them. When used as an extension of a personalized ad campaign, for example, you can greatly increase the overall experience by providing relevant, useful information and reducing friction points.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that personalized video landing pages can increase conversions. While they are not overly common right now, we fully expect them to be used much more in the future. Aside from just their ability to increase conversions, they also offer unique versatility that static pages simply cannot offer.

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Published on: December 17th, 2019
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Can Personalized Video Landing Pages Increase Conversions?
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