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Website Design for Financial Services Companies

Your company website is at the forefront of your financial services company’s digital presence. It’s not enough that your target audience just discovers your website, they need to feel and experience the very essence of your companies’ brand through the website’s design, layout, functionality, and user experience. There needs to be a balance of brand storytelling and direct response strategy. Sadly, many financial services companies sacrifice one for the other.

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Lounge Lizard Creates Financial Websites that Stand Out

Finance companies don’t need to sacrifice design or lose their brand identity in order to stand out. Our team of highly experienced website designers can make websites stand out with fully responsive and mobile-optimized design, clean and professional layouts, and highly intuitive navigation options. This is where pre-made website templates and regular website designers come short. Lounge Lizard succeeds by adapting design elements to integrate important features, like access to policy documents and contact information, call-to-action-buttons, online quote calculator, and optimized performance for SEO.

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A Great Website Needs Great Digital Marketing

Lounge Lizard’s comprehensive Internet Marketing services for Financial Companies provide tremendous value, customized for every marketing goal and budget. Work with our team hands-on or trust our team of marketing experts to design, create, and launch marketing strategies for your company. Each marketing package includes search engine optimization (SEO) services, PPC advertising management, tailored content marketing strategies, social media marketing, and reputation management.

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Blue Foundry

Boiling Springs Savings Bank hired Lounge Lizard to create an un-bank looking Website to coincide with a dramatic name change to Blue Foundry. Lounge Lizard redeveloped and redesigned the site from the ground up based on a solid rebranding strategy. The Blue Foundry Website was developed for desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers and consists of cutting-edge UI/UX design around bold graphics and an innovative user experience unlike any other bank Website.

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Renaissance Capital

Renaissance Capital is the global leader in providing pre-IPO institutional research and management of IPO-focused investment products. Lounge Lizard was tasked with creating a new brand image, slogan, logo improvement, copy strategy, and complete website design. The new desktop, tablet and mobile website now promotes Renaissance Capital as the leading expert of IPO’s and contains strong call to actions.

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Rosecliff Ventures

Rosecliff Ventures is a NYC alternative investment firm that is focused on private equity and venture capital. Lounge Lizard crafted a website that demonstrates intuitive navigation, increases time on site and SEO, and illustrates just how good Rosecliff Ventures is by displaying their impressive portfolio. Rosecliff Ventures invests in companies that are eager to make life better, brighter, bolder, and more efficient – this is exactly how we crafted their website.

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Digital Marketing for Financial Companies

These days, keeping up with the times means harnessing different marketing channels that the digital age made possible. The digital revolution saw banks entering a new era of customer engagement. Everything is now online, from bank transactions to customer education. But why aren’t there more Financial Companies investing in internet marketing?

Internet marketing is vital, especially if most of your customers are online. Smaller companies can take inspiration in the internet marketing campaigns of large firms without the feeling of intimidation and trepidation. You don’t need to have the same budget or exert a lot of effort to launch an internet marketing strategy for your company.


SEO for Finance Websites

Online presence is not enough – you need to be seen and felt. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to drive traffic to a website and increase brand awareness. But what is different about SEO for finance companies and agencies?

Competition is the very nature of finance. But unlike companies that sell physical products, these firms face unique hurdles in customer acquisition. It takes industry know-how to identify the nature of competition and to create a tailored SEO strategy for each firm’s needs and goals.

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Additional Financial Clients


Choose Lounge Lizard for your Financial Web Design and Marketing Needs

Our web services for Financial companies ensure that you can get ahead of the competition with high-quality web traffic. Harness the growth potential of your business with marketing strategies that target the right audience in the right place. Our design & marketing experts will help you compete for the best keywords and boost your brand awareness and customer engagement with relevant and informative content.

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