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The Need for a Good Professional Landing Page

The main purpose of both PPC and social media landing pages is to lead visitors into performing a conversion action, whether it be to purchase a product or signup for a service. Aside from this, well-crafted PPC landing pages have benefits that go beyond conversion.

PPC landing pages basically lead visitors directly to what they clicked for: a product promo or offer. The use of a website’s homepage as a destination URL voids the targeting effort you made for your ad. Visitors don’t often have the patience to search for the product page from your homepage. So instead of leading them to the next level of your sales funnel, you’re actually leading them astray. You can easily lose them this way.


What Makes a Landing Page Exceptional?

One of the best things about PPC landing pages or landing pages, in general, is that they can perform different functions depending on your business’s needs. A PPC landing page is excellent for your online PPC ad campaigns. Each campaign would require a dedicated landing page.

Without a dedicated PPC landing page, you’ll experience a higher bounce rate, low conversion rates, and overall low PPC campaign performance.

The end goal is to entice PPC visitors to convert. In order to make this possible, landing pages should have specific elements that as a whole, contribute directly or indirectly to visitor conversion. Continue reading to learn more about these special elements!


Clear and Consistent Branding

The landing page’s design elements should coincide with your brand’s colors, typography, and general theme. This helps establish the brand’s credibility.

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Clear Presentation of the Products and Services

Visitors should immediately know what the product is and how it can benefit them. The product copy should be clear, concise, and carry the brand’s tone.


A Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

CTAs aren’t limited to buttons. The product copy can also include calls-to-action that catches the visitors’ attention and entices them to convert.


Coherence in the Overall Design

The landing page should be a balance of design and functionality. It should not only fulfill its intended function but also streamline the conversion process, speak to your target audience, and provide branding continuity.

Design Considerations

A landing page needs to be eye-catching without compromising the elements that make it effective. The page needs to sell the product on the first pass. This means that the visitor should be able to identify key details of the page within the first few seconds:

  • Visible brandings like company name and logo
  • Product/offer details
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Social media sharing options

The flow of the landing page’s design should be easy to the eyes and intuitive. Most importantly, everything should be presented in a professional manner. There should be no tacky design elements, clashing colors, and chaotic layout.


Versatility is Key

Social media landing pages have contents that are meant to be shared on various online communities. The page’s content can range from blog posts, infographics, and curated content.  These contents need to be interesting, relevant, and/or useful for your target audience. The main goal is to create a viral loop that can in turn continuously funnel traffic to your website.

PPC landing pages and social media landing pages have different design approaches. This is mainly because of the page’s different conversion goal. PCC landing pages often convert visitors to buyers while social media landing pages convert visitors to followers.

These key differences should be taken into consideration when designing effective landing pages. It’s not just about the coherence of the design elements but also the very purpose of such elements in the first place.

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Landing Page Costs

This is probably one of your concerns – the cost. The price range actually varies. You should take into consideration elements that can impact the cost like the function of the page (as a PPC landing page or as a social media landing page), the page’s content, the necessary page development and optimization, and the cost of split testing. You can select from a simple, static page to a dynamic page with special effects. There are, of course, additional costs – lots of them. This is especially true if you hire different people to work on the different elements of your PPC landing page. This is where our expertise comes in.

We at Lounge Lizard offer more than basic landing page design. Each landing page we design and develop are professional-looking, tailor-made to fit your specific needs, and highly targeted. Our packages include tools and services that can help you track conversions and track your landing page’s performance over time.

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