Leverage Geolocation Technology

Are you losing a considerable number of customers to your competition? Sometimes, competition is so tight that traditional advertising campaigns aren’t enough.

Geofencing is a location-based marketing strategy. In the most basic sense, you target prospective customers within a specific area, usually near your brick-and-mortar store’s location.

There are several commercial and residential areas that you can “fence” in including:

  • Competitor store locations
  • Different business establishments
  • Conference, concerts, or convention venues
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Competitor Geofencing Advertising

This is possible through the use of the geolocation function on mobile devices and GPS technology. Users don’t even notice that they are leaving or entering a geofence. The only indication of geofencing targeting users can receive is through the highly targeted ads they receive from establishments.

Competitor geofencing advertising or geo-conquesting takes geofencing a step further by targeting your competitor’s prospect or even frequent customers. Businesses that leverage this advertising strategy include:

  • Retailers
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • Professional services (medical clinics, law firms, etc.)

Accelerate your Business’ Growth with Geofencing Advertising

Even in digital advertising, casting your net wide produces results that are far from what you desired. You need to cast on the right location and on the right audience. Audience targeting is basically science and with geofencing advertising, it becomes more precise. The more accurate your targeting, the more qualified leads you to bring in to your storefront.

This strategy may sound aggressive but it’s not as simple as snatching customers from your competitor’s grasp. Advertising strategy matters. You and your competitor are basically competing for the same customer. You still need to give your prospective customers a better deal and product promotion.

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Geofencing offers more benefits several of them include:
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Customer Satisfaction

Customers prefer a personalized approach to advertising. Advertisements often receive a bad rap for being disruptive and irrelevant. Competitor geofencing will change that for your campaigns. It will enable you to deliver well-timed and relevant ads that prospective customers actually want to click.

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Generation of Highly-Qualified Leads that Convert

You’re going to reap multiple benefits at once that is if your competitive geofencing campaigns receive proper planning, targeting, and execution. Geofencing is a very competitive marketing strategy that provides results at the get-go.

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Increase Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty

Competitive geofencing is more than just hyper-targeting. It’s an outreach strategy that introduces your brand to people that may not know about its existence. It’s also an engagement strategy that reminds people that you are out there, and you have an offer that’s difficult to refuse. These personalized advertisements make people feel that you value them as customers, creating customer loyalty.

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Competitive Geofencing Advertising Complements a Majority of Marketing Strategies

You don’t need to worry about geofencing compromising your other digital marketing strategies. Geofencing doesn’t only work well, it actually improves the effectiveness of several digital marketing strategies the most prominent being PPC advertising and SEO.

Competitor Geofencing Advertising Packages

Get ahead of the competition by equipping yourself with our competitive geofencing features:

  • Highly Targeted Fences – target locations that are as small as 1000 square feet
  • Competitor Location Research – includes in-depth research to find all competitor locations.
  • 12-Sided Polygon Shapes – for highly customizable and accurate location targeting
  • Mobile and Banner Ads Creation – receive quarterly custom ad designs
  • Strong and Effective Calls-to-Action (CTA) – each ad features copy and CTA that captures the target audience’s attention and encourages them to take action or they will miss a great offer.

More than Geofencing: Lounge Lizard Custom Competitor Geofencing Solutions

There are several approaches to one problem. We at Lounge Lizard won’t just take one approach and hopes that it works. We study each side of the problem and solve it in innovative and proactive approaches.

In the face of tight competition, Lounge Lizard offers solutions and strategies that keep on giving. Make the most out of our suite of digital marketing, and web design services to not only get ahead of your competition but support the growth of all aspects of your business.

We recommend the following services to augment your competitive geofencing advertising strategies:

  • SEO Services
  • PPC Management Services
  • Content Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Custom Website Design and Redesign
  • Branding Services
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