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Salesforce CRM is the most trusted across different industries. With its innovative approach to CRM, Salesforce has empowered numerous sales team to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency. Salesforce-enablement essentially equates to more sales.

But without consulting Salesforce implementation experts, it’s almost impossible to get the most out of Salesforce’s powerful and highly customizable features. It takes time and expertise to assess your business’ unique needs and translate it into a custom solution that will work for you.

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Solutions and Implementation

An excellent solution begins with excellent implementation. Harness Salesforce CRM’s full potential through a reliable and highly knowledgeable Salesforce implementation partner like Lounge Lizard.

More than technical services, Lounge Lizard will work with you to ensure the success not only your Salesforce CRM implementation but also of your business goals:

  • Listen to your business’ unique needs and goals
  • Undergoes thorough study of issues and possible solutions
  • Provides ongoing consultation services, encourages open discussion, and application of suggestions
  • Provides comprehensive adoption training and expertise sharing Provides versatile and platform-flexible services

Our Process & Strategy

One of the most important consideration when looking for a Salesforce implementation partner is their ability to:

  • Create flexible and client-focused implementation strategies
  • Incorporate Salesforce best practices with custom solutions
  • Decreased speed to market

Lounge Lizard implementation strategy is custom-made. Each strategy addresses your business’ needs, creates novel solutions for industry-specific challenges, and adjusts according to your preferences. Our team will then translate this strategy into prototype solutions, and refine it to follow Salesforce best practices.

Sharing our Experience & Expertise

The entire process comes in stages and takes no more than a couple of weeks. Yes, just weeks for a high-quality CRM solution.

Our task doesn’t end with the creation of an implementation strategy. In order for your Salesforce-enabled platform to succeed, Lounge Lizard will provide a multi-channel training program and post-deployment support to increase Salesforce’s adoption rate within your company.

The training delivery is hands-on with training resources that your sales team and staff can access even after the training ends.

Let’s Get Started

Here is the break down of Salesforce implementation
services that Lounge Lizard has to offer:

Implementation Consulting

We will provide advice from the planning stage to onboarding. We specifically focus on workflow development, adoption strategy, feature selection, customization, and the creation of a Salesforce roadmap.

Administration Services

This includes Sales Cloud management, dashboard and reporting control, controls on security, user management, and lead generation

Implementation and Onboarding Services

Lounge Lizard will take charge of the entire implementation process including analysis of the sales funnel, sales process definition, and many more. We will also handle the onboarding process through training, documentation, reporting and analysis, and change of management.

Marketing Operations Services

This involves the integration of the marketing automation system, campaign and marketing program management, alignment of sales and marketing solutions, and tracking and reporting.

Data Handling

We will evaluate and improve schema; review, cleanup, and migrate data, and handle web-to-lead form data.

Custom Development and Integrations

We provide custom development solutions and app integrations to further enhance existing functions and capabilities. This service comes with complementary consulting services to ensure that you’ll get the most out of the integrated software and it will run seamlessly with Salesforce.

Pardot Certified Expert Consultation

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation solution under the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM, providing more power to its features and creates a combined solution that is user-friendly, and cost-effective.

Lounge Lizard offers ongoing Pardot services including lead nurturing, management and support, lead scoring and grading, optimization, and Salesforce CRM integration.

Pardot Lead Nurturing

Build automated programs that nurture your leads with Pardot’s Engagement Studio. Further, optimize your programs with expert support.

Lounge Lizard will provide you with:

  • Prospect engagement maintenance
  • Pipeline acceleration
  • Outreach to prospects that are not ready to buy
  • Prospect education
  • Targeting different stages of the customer lifecycle

Pardot Management and Support

Lounge Lizard offers full management services from Pardot administration, campaign management and execution, and marketing operations support. The management package also includes transparent monthly reports.

We use lead scoring and grading to automatically qualify leads – ensuring that you are only focusing your marketing efforts to the most qualified leads. Lounge Lizard will help train your team to use lead scoring and grading side-by-side. We will teach you the best practices, establish a custom qualification process, and use existing scoring examples to accelerate the process.

Choose Lounge Lizard as your Salesforce Implementation Partner

Make the most out of Pardot’s suite of features. Improve and maintain your lead generation process through better prospect targeting, lead scoring and qualification, management of campaigns, performance reports and analysis, and assessment of your CRM integration’s status.

Lounge Lizard will help you every step of the way. Request a proposal and find out how!

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