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Survey Results: What Digital Efforts Are Companies Investing In

We surveyed 300 companies to see what digital marketing and website design and development services they were willing to invest in. Here are the results:


Details: Lounge Lizard Worldwide, a website development company and digital marketing agency, surveyed 300+ clients in the $1,500-15,000 total website budget range to determine common needs and correlated services. Download the infographic for important survey results.



There is no denying the significance of having a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing website and a robust marketing plan. Competition in the digital space is fierce, you must craft your online presence to be distinctive and execute your plan with panache.

Our survey revealed important insight into what companies are finding their greatest challenge is, marketing channels they feel their efforts are best placed, and more. Follow the link to download an illustrated, at-a-glance view of the survey results and a micro checklist for getting started with your digital planning.

Your results and our take (sampling).

The Result, Digital Marketing:

Of the companies interested in website development/design services, 73% currently already had a website, and 53% were also interested in Digital Marketing services.

Our Take:

This statistic was particularly interesting to us. 47% of companies willing to invest in website development were not interested in digital marketing services – while we hope this is because many of these companies have internal marketing teams, at this price level we suspect that a portion of responders are not aware of the significant impact that marketing plays in a company’s success.

It is undeniably important for companies to have a sophisticated website, but how will users find this stellar website? Digital marketing endeavors are how you can take your site from page 52 of Google, to the prime time real estate that exists on the first page of search results.

The Result, Company Needs, and Budget:

To start the survey, we wanted to gather some preliminary information about our respondents. Some of the many things we tell clients to do, prior to starting the process of improving their online presence, are to establish a budget and identify what your company needs are.

Our Take:

We were interested to see how many participants valued social media marketing over other services. Though publishing on social media platforms is important, other marketing services may have a greater impact on ROI. For example, setting up a proper CRM integration will provide your company with valuable data relating to the full marketing and sales cycle. This includes real-time data about potential customers browsing your website or engaging with email marketing and the ability to weigh multiple touchpoints to see what efforts are having the greatest impact.

To view the full survey results and get your micro checklist for digital planning, click here.

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