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Updated on: October 7th, 2022Ken Braun8 min read
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As technology grows and more people shop using their mobile devices, ecommerce web design trends have become one of the ‘trends to watch’ for marketing and design/development people. They know that businesses with online stores want to lead their industry and not just copy what their competitors are doing.

By the numbers, eCommerce sales continue to grow and account for almost 20% of total retail sales. In fact, ecommerce sales grew by almost 8% during the second quarter of 2022 alone — even in light of an impending recession. We expect to see this trend continue and even accelerate in the coming years as people enjoy more choice and access.

When observing the changing landscape of ecommerce, it’s important to look at current ecommerce design trends as the foundation, with new trends and design elements evolving as the technology to support it evolves. 

As an example, Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots, and algorithms are helping to create intelligent ecommerce website design trends where the user participates in creating their own personalized shopping experience. Everyone from Amazon to your local boutique can now have access to an advanced digital ecommerce website optimized for the best shopping experiences for their customers.

eCommerce Design Trends

When it comes to trends in ecommerce design, we really look at them from two angles. 

First, simple and straightforward ecommerce design. What, from a design perspective, makes a spectacular ecommerce web design. And second, what are the development trends in ecommerce — what coding and functional processes are needed for the design to work flawlessly.

Let’s take a look at the design trends first.

Vertical Menus to Accommodate Smartphones

In 2022, we are seeing a lot more creative uses for menus, primarily vertical menus. These look very stylish and original, but on a more practical note, they are much more functional on mobile devices.

With over 68% of users now visiting websites using their smartphones and mobile devices, an ecommerce site is well advised to consider optimizing their site flow to be mobile friendly as much as possible and vertical menus is one way to do that.

Creating a Visual ‘Attraction’

People want to be entertained! eCommerce websites are adding more micro animations, augmented reality opportunities, branding elements, and special fonts. The goal is to capture the user’s imagination and successfully lead them through the sales funnel while entertaining and engaging them. Plus, it keeps them coming back for repeat business.

Surprising or Unconventional Layouts

While unconventional layouts have fluctuated in popularity over the last several years, in 2022 they are leading the way. Companies want to be seen as groundbreaking and innovative, and unconventional layouts let the user know that their user experience and product selection will be unique and unsurpassed.

Emphasis on ‘Green’

There will continue to be an emphasis on ‘green’ — sustainability, fair trade, environmentally-friendly shipping, and corporate responsibility — whether through materials, hiring practices, shipping methods, or impact statements. 

People want to do business with commerce websites that share the same values and ethics. In fact, 50.9% of Amazon shoppers are opting for slower delivery service so that the company can create a better environment for their delivery and warehouse workers.

Less Reliance on Physical Stores

Since the pandemic, many companies have been repositioning their business models to focus on ecommerce and drawing less reliance on their actual physical stores. Many people now do their shopping, selecting, and buying online and use the ‘bricks and mortar’ location as a pick-up point.

From groceries to clothing to restaurants and fast food, sites are being designed to act as the shopping venue where people arrive to pick up their goods and never even enter the store or restaurant itself.

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Trends in eCommerce Web Design AND Development

For all the best designed ecommerce ideas, there are also development considerations. Web design and development go hand in hand, so let’s take a look at a couple of web design trends that require a seriously strong development team to implement.

Voice User Interfaces Integrating AI

In 2022, innovative ecommerce sites are utilizing Voice User Interfaces (VUI) which allows users to interact with an app or mobile device through voice commands. This encourages users to shop hands-free. 

Think of Apple’s Suri or Amazon’s Alexa where a user can tell the device to add items to a shopping cart, remind them when it’s time to order again, or check out their cart using pre-assigned credit card information. 

Web designers are looking for increased ways to add VUI to their sites designed for ecommerce but rely on development people to make it work.

Quick Content Load for Better UX

One of the big trends in ecommerce web design in 2022, is loading speed. With all of the improvements being made with technology, load time is still a critical issue. To be successful, ecommerce sites need to ensure that they don’t lose potential customers due to long load times which are measured in tenths or hundreds of a second.

Developers know that using infinite scroll with lazy loading can load more data quickly and reduce memory usage. This creates a better user experience and reduces the bounce rate.

Use of Dark Mode

As an alternative, ecommerce sites are offering dark mode as a way to create the perfect environment for their shoppers. In dark mode, which some users prefer, your products may stand out better, colors are more saturated, and there may be a better high contrast.

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eCommerce Home Page Design Trends

Let’s talk specifically about the home page for just a minute. In graphic design for ecommerce sites, the home page is more than just a landing page. It establishes the business’s credibility and highlights any important information. 

It takes users about 50 milliseconds to decide if they are going to leave your site or continue on. And that means your home page is doing the heavy lifting.

Here are a couple of trends that are new in ecommerce:

  • Providing a clear value proposition in the hero section – this may be your only chance to make that great first impression.
  • Showing a wide selection of product offerings with CTAs and links to more expanded descriptions/choices.
  • Offering a large search box where users can find what they are looking for easily.
  • Highlight any special offers or reduced pricing options.
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So, That’s the Latest Trends in eCommerce Design

There you have it. Innovative ecommerce ideas that are sure to improve your website design and encourage users to shop online.

Ultimately, the key to success is to focus on the UX design for ecommerce where you give customers a superior experience with a little entertainment thrown in.

Talk with the experts at Lounge Lizard if you are considering a new or redesigned ecommerce website. They have a thorough knowledge of ecommerce

Published on: October 7th, 2022
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Top eCommerce Design Trends in 2022
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