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Are You Ignoring Your Off-Page SEO?

Are you ignoring your off-page SEO? While some people might just think that performing on-page SEO is enough to ensure great rankings, there is more that can be done if you want the best possible search rankings along with maximum traffic. Of course the more traffic you can obtain for your site often directly relates to more conversions, which is the goal of most websites in the first place! With everything else a web design company might discuss with you when building your site, this is one area that seems to be overlooked regularly.

Today let’s delve into off-page SEO a bit to see if you are accidently ignoring something that can provide your business and brand a boost online.

What is considered off-page SEO?

Not everyone is aware of the concept of off-page SEO. That is understandable as SEO in itself is a tough enough topic to tackle. As that name implies, off-page SEO are tactics used to improve the search engine optimization that take place away from the website itself. Some of these you might have heard of when discussing SEO as not everyone discerns between on-page and off-page.

Common off-page SEO techniques include:

  • Link building – This is the most common and popular tactic. You are building external links to your website from quality websites such as when an article is cited by another website or from your author section on guest blogs.
  • Social media marketing – Another great tactic is using your social media sites to help increase the buzz about your site. Linking to your site, starting conversations on topics within your niche, or even sharing other people’s information can be useful ways to get your business or brand being talked about. You need to be proactive and helpful to positively affect your business.
  • Frequent Forums – Forums and discussion boards that are within your sphere or niche are a great place to spend time. Why? Because they offer an opportunity for you to share your knowledge and expertise all while increasing your reputation. Commenting on popular blogs can also produce similar results.
  • Social bookmarking – Social bookmarking sites are places like, or The idea is to have a central location for you to save links to sites you like or want to share and then your list can be viewed by other members of the site. By listing your site or specific articles from your site regularly you have the chance to create viral, organic traffic.
  • Creating connection with influencers – One of the more powerful offline items you can do is to increase your network of social media and online influencers. Creating relationships takes time and energy but the payoff is increased reach and rankings.

What are the benefits of off-page SEO?

  • Increase in rankings – The primary purpose for this type of work is to help your website rank higher from the combination of social mentions, links, and viral visits. Doing this helps increase PageRank and traffic.
  • Better exposure – The more people that know about your business and brand, the better. Promoting yourself with off-page SEO helps get your name out to new places and in front of new faces. Plus any increase in rankings then also increases your exposure.

The bottom line is that ignoring your off-page SEO options can be a mistake, especially if your competition isn’t. For many businesses, it takes using every tactic and option out there along with a lot of hard work to succeed. Off-page SEO is just another set of tools for your toolbox that you can and should use to make sure you are doing everything you can to drive traffic to your website for more conversions.

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