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Advertising Tips to Generate More Sales Leads for your Business

Even the most amazing product in the history of mankind won’t sell if nobody knows about it. Why do you think so many startups with great ideas still end up failing in the first five years? As a top digital marketing firm, we understand that even an average product can create good revenue and profits if you can generate enough leads for it. That is why today we wanted to share with you Advertising Tips to generate more sales leads for your business.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” ~ Chris Grosser

Advertising Tips to Generate More Sales Leads

  • Use automated marketingMarketing automation allows a business to more effectively market across multiple channels by automating repetitive tasks and actions which then frees up time for marketers to focus on other important tasks. While most automated marketing does not result directly in increasing sales leads, it can generate more revenue from the existing customer base and by freeing up time, will allow more sales leads to be generated using other methods. There are tools to automate email marketing, social media marketing, and campaign management.
  • Use LinkedIn for Marketing – LinkedIn allows users to publish content, which is a feature few businesses tap into. The audience is full of business professionals who have engaged already which means a lot of potential opportunities if your niche is a fit for that demographic.
  • Utilize direct engagement methods – Directly engaging customers is one of the best ways to increase sales leads. Some of the best ways to do this are by using live chat, forums, and help centers. These interaction points offer the opportunity for customer service representatives to readily provide answers and information so that questions and needs are handled immediately. Customers who are more engaged with a brand and feel that their needs are being met are more likely to convert. They are also more likely to provide word-of-mouth marketing on your behalf which results in more leads.
  • Request Referrals from Current Customers – Once upon a time referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations were primary ways to get new business. While times and technology have changed, those methods are both still very valuable. Utilizing an email marketing campaign based around earning referrals with a referral promotion is an effective way to pick up new leads.
  • Use Quora – This concept is a specific extension of direct engagement; answering questions on Quora. This site is constantly growing as users flock to ask questions or find out things. By taking the time to utilize your niche expertise users will see your user profile and possibly click-thru to your website.
  • Comment on Popular Blogs – Similar to using Quora to showcase knowledge, commenting on popular blogs also opens the door for other users to check out your profile and find their way to your website. The key is to leave helpful or value-adding comments. Avoid trying to outshine the posting author as well.
  • Guest Blogging – Even better than commenting on blogs is providing value with guest blogging. By taking the time to find quality sites that want guest bloggers, you can create excellent and relevant articles for that audience with unique knowledge. By then promoting those posts you will gain exposure to new audiences.
  • New Customer Coupons – Offering exclusive deals for new customers is a good way to entice potential customers. When looking to distribute these offers, share on all social media platforms and with current customers as they may send the coupon to a friend.
  • Attend Networking Events – In the digital age going to face-to-face events may seem foreign but they still are a terrific way to expand your network and drum up new business. It is important to be relaxed and personable at these events along with having a good supply of business cards.
  • Use Facebook Ads – Facebook’s platform offers very specific targeting options which makes it an enticing option for those willing to pay for leads. Make sure to follow Facebook’s best practices as well as reading their guide prior to getting started. One tip about ads on Facebook; avoid using blues and whites which resemble the platform’s color scheme.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that lead generation has always been a key to success in business. This list of advertising tips to generate more sales leads for your business represent a host of ideas to get your business in front of more people. Remember, more viewers equal more leads which in turn creates more revenue which leads to greater profits!


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