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At Lounge Lizard we are a custom web design company. We specialize in web design, web application development, online advertising design, and production, as well as custom database programming, website development, and targeted online and internet marketing services. Our web development production offices are located in Long Island, New York and our web design company has been in business for 10 years.

As a full service interactive agency we offer a wide range of award winning services including web design, information architecture, ASP NET web application development, Intranet and Extranet development, web marketing, flash animation, e-commerce, and more. We also offer banner ad production and cd business card design, and our web marketing partner firm delivers best in class search engine optimization. Our breadth of interactive services and our 10 year record of success set us apart from other web development companies and interactive agencies.

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Web Search Engine Optimization

Where are you on Google?

Having a live website is the first step in developing an on-line presence. After a successful launch the site needs to be continuously search engine optimized so that your target audience finds your site. Your website will not magically appear on Google. And when you get there…it’s a battle to maintain keyword ranking. We can help!


Why Every On-Line Business Needs SEO Services

If your business is on the web, you need SEO services.  Without it, your website may not be found by your target audience.  Lounge Lizard offers strategic SEO services that focus on your company’s business.  By providing a FREE SEO analysis of your site, we can show you how we can improve your ranking in Google so that potential customers can find your business. Some of the services we provide include Competitive Analysis, On-site Optimization, Creation of Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts), Keyword Research, Article Writing and Publication, Website Indexing, Link building, and Blogging.

Our Reputation Management Services result in reducing and eliminating damaging/erroneous on-line publications so that you can be confident that a future client will not be biased by this information. In today’s world, before a potential client engages your company they will inevitably do a Google search on your company’s name and/or your name. As we all know, anyone can be publish on-line, whether its fact or fiction. Too often articles, blogs, and forum posts are published on-line with erroneous information that can be potentially damaging to your business’s reputation as well as your personal reputation.  Reputation Management Services work to eliminate these potential business hazards.

Our Pay Per Click Campaigns are designed to provide our customers with the best bang for their buck.  Campaigns that are launched without doing proper keyword analysis will result in poor Return on Investment (ROI).  At Lounge Lizard we carefully design our PPC campaigns by doing extensive keyword research, providing optimized landing pages and constant monitoring of the campaign to ensure results.

Local Map SEO is one of the best ways that a potential customer can find your business on the web.  When a user is looking for a “local” plumber for example, it’s important that your business appears on page 1 of Google under the “Google Places Listings”.  The Google Place for business center has become one of the most important tools for on-line businesses to increase their on-line exposure.  Without it, your company’s business potential is drastically reduced.

Video Search Engine Optimization is another excellent service that can help get your company listing on the first page of Google.  If you hadn’t noticed, Youtube listings and Google Videos are ranking very high in the search engines.  This is because users love the multi-sensory experience of watching videos.  It’s a great way to promote your business objective and is an excellent way to get Multiple Google Page 1 results.  Video Marketing drives quality traffic to your site by promoting quality videos about your company’s services or products.

To learn more about Lounge Lizard’s SEO Services and to receive a FREE SEO Analysis, Contact us Today, Toll-Free at 1-888-444-0110 or e-mail us at info@loungelizard.com

Success Stories

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To date Lounge Lizard has written over (600) value-added articles in the Bro-Guide and Bro-Buzz. These articles have been search engine optimized, and have generated extraordinary large numbers of social shares and organic search traffic to ManWall.com to the tune of 500,000 new visitors per month and over 3 Million Social Shares of our articles.


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Global Tissue Group Inc. (GTG), a leading private label paper manufacturer had little to no visibility on Google under relevant keyword search terms. Within 6 weeks of signing up with Lounge Lizards search engine optimization program Global Tissue Group had 100% complete domination on Google. Lounge Lizard has maintained their dominating positions month after month.


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