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Take Your Business to the Next Level with the Right Web Design Company

Essentially, your website is the new face of your company. It’s your consumer and client’s first impression of your business, its legitimacy, and its professionalism. Therefore, choosing the right web design company is of vital importance.

Out of the many web design companies in the USA, Lounge Lizard has long distinguished and proven itself as an award-winning team of creative web designers and skilled application developers. Imaginative solutions, including professional web design and web application development, ensure that we can find the ideal online solution for your business, no matter your location, field, or industry…

Lounge Lizard serves clients worldwide, fulfilling the web design and application development needs of local, regional, national, and international organizations. Although headquartered in Long Island, New York, where our web development production takes place and our web design company staff operates, our regional satellite offices are also buzzing with activity as we fulfill custom website design requests worldwide. Lounge Lizard’s skilled full-time staff members help keep our web design firm exciting and our resources varied for the best website development experience possible.

Lounge Lizard is an exceptional website design firm, providing services like information architecture and content management systems, as well as Flash and Java animation and e-commerce solutions. There are no requests that our web application development skills can’t meet for your organization, and our website designers can come up with the absolute best web design out there.

Our web design company can give your organization an opportunity to undergo a selection of branding and discovery workshops. Lounge Lizard works side-by-side with their clients to discover the true entity of their company, and then works to carry out their mission onto the web in the most efficient way possible. Our web design company works to discover the strengths in our clients’ field, and uncover the various opportunities that they have in today’s market. We then research how they are perceived by their target audience on both and large and local spectrum. If our clients’ business encounters any potential threats, our web design company finds solutions to overcome them. Lounge Lizard has transformed their clients from an organization with an idea, to a powerful corporate identity, one that is ready to take on their target customers with strength, and conquer their target market.

Polished website design and advanced application development are not the only thing Lounge Lizard provides, since our boutique web design agency also conducts discovery workshops, strategizes information architecture and creates custom site maps and polished wireframes. Not only that, but our web design company develops databases, creates Flash and Java animation for your website, provides web and online marketing services, and can implement e-commerce and content management systems for your web-based company or business.

For over a decade, Lounge Lizard has become a top choice of web companies not just nation-wide, but all over the world. We go beyond design and development by incorporating many other vital tools to marketing your business. Just some of these tools include strategic information architecture, as well as SEO and SEM tools that create awareness of your business on the web. Mobile application development has also become essential for our clients in Connecticut and worldwide. Smart Mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad are where our clients go so they can be accessed by their consumers easily and comfortably.  Today organizations have often extended their business to the internet. It is therefore crucial to have a well-implemented e-commerce infrastructure that best suits your businesses’ specific needs. Also, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become necessary for a company’s exposure and height among competitors in today’s competitive market. Lounge Lizard’s web design company makes it a top priority to gain the exposure that all our clients need to efficiently prosper in their target market.

Lounge Lizard, not only keeps the standard for marketing elevated, but proves it to be limitless. With over a decade of accomplishments for clients all over the country and the world, our web design company makes sure that we put your organization’s best face forward.