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Cloud Seeding: Rainmaking In Today’s New Social Web

It’s happening right now. A seed. A few typed words, quickly dashed away on a mobile phone, broadcast to a small corner of the world via Twitter feed. An idea, an opinion, a simple observation: one voice, sharing a place in the world with other like minded souls on a social media site like Facebook or Linkedin. That one brief thought has sparked a conversation – and then a debate.

Knockout: Driving Online Success By Punching Above Your Weight

As an economic revival continues to take shape, today’s digital marketing landscape is more contoured and complex than ever. Increasing online development budgets are being spent […]

Integrating Excellence: On Creating The Ideal Customer Experience

Interactive marketing. Social media planning. Email outreach. Mobile communications. At first glance, the list of marketing’s available flavors can be dizzying – even intoxicating – for […]

Moving On: The Top Signs That You Should Revisit and Rebrand

Change fills many with trepidation. Danger or opportunity, upheaval or progress: the turn of fortune that offers one business long term success often leaves another broken […]

Social Media 2010: Online Community Building With Christina Kerley

Recently the Libation team caught up with social media specialist Christina Kerley (aka “CK”) and asked her to share some thoughts about social media in relationship […]

High Feedback: Mobile Interactive’s Power To Transform Markets

Most of the history of sales and marketing, dating back to the most ancient street bazaars, can be told as the long story of human beings […]

Targeting Myth Markets In The New Interactive Landscape

In the old days of classic advertising, everyone’s goal was to “capture mindshare”: to convince select groups of discriminating and deliberative demographics that a certain product […]

Interview with Lounge Lizard’s Founder and CEO, Ken Braun

A brief look into the company’s history, as conducted by Brad Szollose. View the entire interview.

Lounge Lizard client, My Little Swans, wins Magellan Award

From “Travel Weekly is proud to present the premier award for the travel industry, the Travel Weekly Magellan Awards. From design to marketing to services, […]

Decentralize and Succeed: Building Markets By Trusting Your Customers

Before the advent of online digital media, the traditional and dominant marketing model was a very controlled and specifically directed one: that of brick and mortar […]