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Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for Online Merchants

While most merchants have been pushing hard to end the year strong, that doesn’t mean you should forget about next year. One of the biggest keys […]

How to Raise Venture Capital for Mobile APPS and Websites

Starting a online business or creating a mobile app can be difficult, especially when you have no venture capital money. It is a very daunting concept […]

Getting on the Video Ad Bandwagon

How are you planning on advertising in 2013? At this point in time you should already have a plan laid out for the coming year, but […]

Los Angeles Web Design Companies Biting Nails

Los Angeles Web Design Companies are getting a little nervous. Lounge Lizard unveiled its hip and trendy California office this past week. The office was opened […]

Make your Business Autism Friendly

Lounge Lizard is proud to announce the launch of another successful Website project. This project is especially special to our Founder Ken Braun who has a […]

How Does a Business Use Twitter?

Let’s face it, if you have a business or are in charge of marketing for a company of any size, you need to use any tool […]

Top Tablet Games

Why do we have tablets? For entertainment of course! Yes, some people like to say they use them for overall productivity, but we also watch shows […]

Top 10 Best Mobile APPS

  Who doesn’t love apps? Let’s face it; apps make our phones so much more fun! Bored riding the train? No problem when you have great […]

Mobile App Developers – React Now

Does anyone want to wait for anything anymore? Heck no they don’t! As the internet continues to speed up it has created a snowball effect with […]

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

One thing Hurricane Sandy provided to the business world was a quick reminder of how important having a proper back-up system is when your ‘bread and […]