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Updated on: January 12th, 2023Ken Braun9 min read
Lounge lizard top 10 web design companies

Discover 10 of the Biggest Web Design Companies Around the World

Join us as we take a look at 10 of the top web design companies around the globe today. You will discover some of the best and the brightest design teams, each bringing their unique brand of design proficiency and technical know-how to the world of online site development.

At Lounge Lizard Worldwide, we know that to stay on the cutting edge of web design and development means we want to stay educated. We are aware of what top international web design companies are doing and how they are making an impact. That’s what allows us to offer state-of-the-art web design services without breaking the bank.

So, let’s take a look at what some of the best web design companies have to offer.

10 of the Top Web Design Companies in the World

When we compiled this list, we looked for companies that are not only big (and in some cases, we mean really big) but also tech and design forward. 

We also looked at creative marketing companies worldwide positioned as industry-leading web design and development agencies who, like us, offer the full breadth of digital marketing services. We’ve categorized the companies by team size and described their overall design services; most companies offer services beyond what we’ve discussed, like domain hosting or cloud services.


San Francisco, California


Minimum Project Size: $50,000
Team: 20,000+

Globant focuses on reinvention — from brands to web design — by reinventing companies’ stories within various industries. Working internationally with companies as diverse as Google, Coca-Cola, American Express, and SmileDirectClub, Globant’s design team helps companies reinvent as a way forward.

With offices in 18 countries, their global reach and their ability to meet scale on innovation, design, and engineering make them one of our favorites.


Nextzen Limited

Dhaka, Bangladesh


Minimum Project Size: $10,000
Team: 10,000+

Bringing together a creative community with a global design team, Nextzen offers a full spectrum of design and development services that boasts a fast turnaround and a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Working with companies like MyFICO, Bitdefender, and Advisera, Nextzen offers a one-stop digital marketplace for multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and logistics.


Deloitte Digital

New York, New York


Minimum Project Size: $50,000
Team: 9,000+

Part of the ever-expanding Deloitte universe, Deloitte Digital saw huge growth in 2020 and 2021, with revenue surging over $89 million – representing double-digit expansion. Working with companies like Halo Top, New Balance, Taco Bell, and Mountain Dew, Deloitte focuses on elevating the human experience to shape a better future for everyone.

Through digital transformation, Deloitte covers the breadth of digital strategy, design, and development. They also focus on mobile, social, and web content management and enterprise resource planning services, among other areas. 



Melbourne, Australia


Minimum Project Size: $1,000
Team: 6,000+

Part of the ASX-listed ARQ Group, WME is based in Australia and bills itself as a ‘full-suite digital marketing agency’ with expertise in website design and development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, and online brand management, among other things.

They are also part of one of the most extensive hosting services in the Southern Hemisphere, with over 2 million domains. Their focus lies mainly in Australia and the South Pacific.


HTC Global Services

Troy, Michigan


Minimum Project Size: $50,000
Team: 3,200+

With clients that run through all sectors, HTC Global has skilled UX designers and a development team that ensures top-notch digital experiences for the clients’ customers. Beyond visual design and usability testing, HTC provides mobile, internet of things (IoT), and natural language processing (NLP) augmentation for a maximized and responsive user encounter. 

HTC boasts operations in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, India, and the Middle East and a list of clients that includes numerous Fortune 1000 companies. 



Amsterdam, Holland


Minimum Project Size: $100,000
Team: 1,500+ 

Dept is an international digital agency with offices in 13 countries through Europe and the Americas that employ over 1,500 people. 

With clients like Patagonia, Beats by Dre, Adidas, and Rituals, Dept uses integrated capabilities that include design, creativity, and tech-savvy development to tackle the full breadth of website services. A customer-focused approach leads Dept to develop next-level digital experiences with great CX (customer experience) that grow businesses.



New York, New York


Minimum Project Size:
Team: 1,200+

Part of Publicis Communications North America, Razorfish has deep digital experience over the last 25 years. With over 1,200 people in 14 offices across North America, Razorfish has collaborated with companies like Dove, Orangetheory, and Patrόn.

Working in most industries and digital verticals, Razorfish offers a full-service design and development experience that also can encompass customer data platforms, content strategy and optimization, social media marketing, and SEO, among other things.


Critical Mass

Calgary, Canada


Minimum Project Size: $50,000
Team: 1,000+

Presenting as a digital experience design agency that has a ‘relentless focus on the customer,’ Critical Mass was founded in Calgary in 1996. They have over 1,000 people working in 11 offices throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

With clients like BMW, United, Marriott, the United Nations, and Sunglass Hut, Critical Mass specializes in design, development, video artistry, and logistics, while delivering high-quality services through their near-shore partner, Hangar.


AMP Agency

Boston, Massachusetts


Minimum Project Size: $10,000
Team: 500+

Located in Boston, with offices in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Austin, the AMP Agency offers a full spectrum of brand ecosystem marketing. They craft personalized brand encounters for the clients’ customers that reach across devices and screens.

Grounded in research and guided by consumer insights, AMP delivers elegant solutions that reach across digital platforms.



Atlanta, GA


Minimum Project Size: $10,000
Team: 350+

Focusing on brand makeovers and streamlined web experiences, 22squared creates compelling websites that recognize complete UI/UX solutions that stand out.

While their approach is holistic and includes brand development, website design, UI and UX design, and overall digital advertising and marketing, they are 100% focused on the customer experience and what their customers deserve and expect. Their clients include the NAACP, Publix, and AdventHealth.


Maximum Design Capabilities at a Bankable Rate

We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest digital design agencies worldwide, and there are some impressive client lists and case studies for sure. 

As an alternative, when considering your next digital marketing project, you might want to look at Lounge Lizard Worldwide, a web design company in New York City, with locations on Long Island, Nashville, and Washington, DC. 

Lounge Lizard may not be as large, but we specialize in the same level of design-forward website development that creates seamless customer experiences and grows businesses large and small worldwide. 

We offer the same high level of design expertise at a price point that works for businesses of any size. Plus, our personalized team experience takes your company story and tells it in a captivating and effective way that generates customer leads and sales.


A Full Line of Marketing Services at Your Fingertips

In addition to responsive and mobile-first web design, we also offer services in digital strategy development and marketing, content management, and SEO services, as well as the full breadth of marketing services.

Enjoy a free website audit today and get the solutions you need to take your business to the next level.

Contact us at Lounge Lizard to request a proposal or take a look at our extensive case study library that details our approach to working with clients on branding, marketing, mobile app development, and social media marketing.

Published on: January 26th, 2022
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Biggest Web Design Companies Worldwide
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