Amazon Review Management

The Huge Impact of Amazon Review Management

First time buyers create impressions of your product based on what they see – and hear about it. Word of mouth is a powerful driver of sales. The next best thing is product reviews. These reviews, especially negative ones affect 80 percent of customers’ buying decision. Negative reviews are especially damning if they make up the majority of your product reviews, and are different versions of the same complaint.

Reviews won’t just affect the number of sales but also the frequency of sales. In the long run, it will affect your store and product’s search ranking and most importantly, your store’s credibility.

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Amazon Vine and the Early Reviewer Program

You can participate in the Amazon Vine Program as a vendor. Amazon will invite their most trusted reviewers to provide unbiased reviews of the product(s) you submitted for reviews. This is an excellent way to gain relevant reviews for your pre-release products, new products, or even old products in your inventory.

With the Early Reviewer Program, on the other hand, Amazon reaches out to customers that bought a product with little to no reviews. Instead of free products, these customers will receive small rewards in the form of an Amazon gift card ($1-$3) for completing a product review.

Both of these Amazon programs will help you receive genuine and unbiased reviews from credible sources.


Negative Review Management

Negative reviews are unavoidable but there are ways to mitigate the increase of negative reviews. Lounge Lizard’s negative review management service will track and respond to negative reviews as they appear. Our management of negative reviews starts with addressing the issue privately before responding publicly. We believe in a proactive approach to resolving issues.

Don’t just ignore negative reviews. There are many factors that contribute to a buyer’s dissatisfaction; whether it be the quality of the product, the state of the delivered product, shipping speed, and many more.

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We Bring Our Expertise to the Table

A Team of Dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialists

Amazon is a very competitive marketplace. Only entrust your Amazon store with experts that know how to deliver results create innovative solutions in review management.

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Results-Driven Approach and Data-Backed Strategies

Your success is our success. We aim to achieve the desired results through strategies backed by analytics data. This approach enables to implement accurate solutions that drive your Amazon store forward.

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Transparency on All Fronts

Trust is something that Lounge Lizard based its business ventures with. We provide full transparency with all our prices, services, and as we are a company driven by results, we are fully transparent in handling performance and revenue reports.

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A Personalized Approach to Amazon Review Management

Every business has different needs and we rise up to the challenge of creating custom solutions for each of our clients. We don’t offer cookie-cutter management plans. You have the power to shape each plan according to your needs and goals.

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The Experience that Speaks for Itself

For over 20 years, Lounge Lizard provided innovative design, marketing, and branding solutions to clients from a wide array of industries and niches. It’s not just about managing reviews, but also about managing the success of an Amazon Store.

Email Management

Another way to encourage your customers to patronize your store is to engage with them through newsletters, special promotions or other sales-related emails. We will develop an email marketing strategy and seamlessly manage campaigns.

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Amazon Product Question and Answer Management

The most effective way of preventing negative reviews is to remove any confusion about the product. Reviews are informative but these user-generated tidbits of information can be subjective and misleading for some shoppers. Our team will ensure that customers receive timely and accurate answers to their questions.

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The Lounge Lizard Amazon Review Management Package

We at Lounge Lizard understand your need for a results-driven review management solution. We offer you the best tools and strategies that deliver your desired results and more.

Lounge Lizard’s review management services helped Amazon Stores get ahead of negative reviews and build a credible presence on Amazon. Let us help you improve customer satisfaction and Amazon product search ranking, expand your brand awareness, accelerate your sales, and most importantly, trounce your competition.

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