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Your Grandmother Can Be A Website Designer, Too!

Do it yourself website designers like Wix or Weebly promote themselves as being the perfect way to create an amazing site for yourself. In fact, they are so easy to use that your grandmother can be a website designer too!

If only it were that simple…

While yes, template based web design does have its place, especially for new business ventures, sole proprietors or personal websites, there is a lot more to website design than just pointing and clicking through a few menus of options if you want or need a professional website for your business.

Problems with Granny Web Design

There is some appeal for do-it-yourself website options, but honestly the sites tend to be fairly limited in what they can actually do. Heck, we will just come out and say it; a lot of times a DIY website sucks. Sure, you are thinking, “Of course they are going to say that…DIY website tools are stealing their business!” While that might be true for some website development companies, in our case that is simply not true because of the range of services we provide for clients along with our years of experience.

Let’s look at common problems you have when you let granny design your website:

  • Limited Code – In some cases the coding is okay, other times it is rather poor but overall it is generally limited. While visitors don’t see the code it will affect a lot of things such as site functionality or how Google rates your site when it gets crawled.
  • Errors and Mistakes – When you hire a company to design a site that typically means having a team working on the project along with testing and compliance protocols. When you do-it-yourself it is a one person show which can lead to mistakes. It can be grammatical errors, a design flaw or even link issues that reflect badly on your business and brand.
  • Generic – Yes they have thousands of templates but that doesn’t mean they are all good options. Many times people gravitate towards a few of the design options with an end result of a lot of similar sites out there. Customers that notice this might then consider your brand generic if your site isn’t truly unique.
  • Lack of SEO – Many DIY options do not have a strong, or even any SEO options. That can really hurt you if you have no idea how to incorporate standard SEO practices into your site. In some cases DIY sites have options but that involves understanding how to work with the code which is not always easy to do correctly.
  • Lack of Options – A custom design from a good web development company allows you a wide variety of options, bells and whistles. Most DIY sites offer basic functionality and that’s it. Cookie cutter sites can be very limited. It is like buying a suit off the rack; it fits okay but it’s just not the same as a tailored suit.
  • Lack of Strategy – One of the most important aspects of a website is having a purpose. What is the strategy behind the build of your site? Are you funneling customers to where you want them? How are your CTA’s presented? Unlike using a design firm, with a DIY option you have to figure out all this stuff on your own.

What a profession firm does

If you told your family that you bought some land and were planning to build your own house by yourself, they would probably be worried about your mental health unless you are a general contractor. Honestly, the same can be said for people who dive into trying to design a serious website for their business.

There is a lot more to website design than just choosing a background template, slapping in a few WordPress plugins and tossing a few stock photos up. You have:

  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Direct Response strategy
  • User Experience and User Interaction strategy
  • General Design strategy that often incorporates storytelling

Let’s face facts; you simply don’t get that with your DIY sites and granny typically doesn’t have the know-how or experience to do that for you.

The bottom line is that DIY sites serve a purpose for certain types of situations such as small businesses, sole proprietors, simple non-profits or even a personal page where you want to share your blog thoughts. Your grandmother can be a website designer for those situations, but for most businesses that either do business on the web or want a presence online, you need a professional site that not only presents your brand in the best light but also meets the needs of your customers.

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