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YAHOO is Boss

Recently all ever anyone seems to talk about is Google; Google this, Google that. Yahoo is like the ugly stepsister who gets sent to her room when company comes over. It is a little sad in some respects because for awhile Yahoo was actually a player in the internet game. They still are, to an extent, but are usually only mentioned as an afterthought.

But that doesn’t mean they plan to stay that way.

The new BOSS

Yahoo just launched the new BOSS Geo option which has turned their build-your-own-search-service into a top stopping point for developers. It utilizes PlaceFinder and PlaceSpotter to give a bigger boost to BOSS users in creating geo services. So many people are using mobile devices to access information and using geo services is critical to help pull up relevant information such as addresses or maps based on the current locale.

PlaceFinder – This is a geocoder and reverse geocoder service that can convert an address to a latitude/longitude or perform the reverse function.

PlaceSpotter – This allows rich information to be pulled on locations mentioned within content.

What does this type of technology help with in development? It allows an easier way to locally link information which is one of the hottest trends on the internet. Let’s say you do a quick search for restaurants in your area and read a review of that sweet little Italian place downtown. PlaceSpotter is going to recommend places within the same neighborhood or even recent similar stories about other options based on the content pull. Or it might recommend nightlife options nearby for some post dinner entertainment. That is some pretty powerful stuff to have in your toolbox when developing.

Get Local!

Mobile, social, and local are now the areas to be targeting on development. Venture capitalists have started funneling money this direction because the upside is pretty big. Obviously everyone is aware of the mobile and social markets. But the emerging market is local because now there are greater capabilities to easily target things as technology and mapping is better and more efficient.

How does that affect you? Developing any sort of app, especially mobile ones, can benefit greatly from including these types of options to interconnect and interlink similar or useful information and content. The smarter the app for figuring out what we want for us, the more popular it usually is. Almost three-fourths of all smart -phone users utilize location based services to find what they need.

Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google, said back in late 2011 that the game changing shift in technology will be with mobile, local, and social technologies to help foster an environment that can unfold in real time. Now we have that with smart-phone and tablet users starting on social media sites and then branching out down to a local level to do business within their local community.

Unleash the Boss on SoLoMo

So as the technology has finally caught up to our wants and needs maybe it is time to check out some of the development options Yahoo is releasing. Most of us aren’t internet snobs and really don’t mind if we are using Google or Yahoo; really whatever is the most effective is where we end up going right? In the emerging area of SoLoMo (one of those cool and trendy terms for Social-Local-Mobile) it seems like they are on the right track with providing nice options for developers and also proving that they aren’t dead.

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