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Edge Studio has been producing high-quality audio and educating students in the art of VO for over thirty years. They are committed to providing the highest standard of production and education to our clients and students around the world.





Edge Studio A full-service studio and leading authority in the voice-over industry hired Lounge Lizard to bring their old and technically outdated Websites to the modern age. Edge Studio had 2 Websites, one for their Voice Over Educational Services and the other for Voice Over Production Services both of which needed a major overhaul.


Lounge Lizard brandtenders immersed themselves into the world of voice over and even took voice over classes at Edge. After a few days with the staff and production folks at Edge Studio and conducting brand strategy workshops with the company’s founder, the Lounge Lizard team started crafting a brand and user experience strategy for the websites and concluded that a merger of both Websites into one was best for the Edge Studio brand. Lounge Lizard merged the 2 Websites navigation system into 1 easy to use system. A solid brand strategy was also formed that positioned Edge Studio as leaders in both voice over production and education.


Lounge Lizard brandtenders and marketing mixologists created a revitalized brand image for the newly merged Website and brought the Website into todays trends of modern responsive design.




Success in Merging 2 Websites


Revitalization of Brand Image


Increase in Mobile Traffic


Lounge Lizard brandtenders and marketing mixologists always serve up custom concoctions. We mix a potent combination of brand story telling with a generous splash of creative juices and blend in technology-focused, customized solutions as a chaser.

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