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Will Personalized Emails Result In Higher Conversions?

Emails is one of the primary forms of communication for most people in today’s highly technological age which is why it is such a great medium for marketing. However many email marketing programs end up falling flat when it comes to creating leads and landing customers and we feel that is directly related to the impersonal method many people use because personalized emails result in higher conversions.

Outdated and ineffective email marketing tactics should be shelved and replaced with things that work, such as taking the time to get personal with your leads.

Why should you personalize?

The answer is pretty simple; people want to be recognized and feel special. Bulk mailers, boilerplate letters, and things of those nature scream, “I don’t care about you because I am not trying to take the time to get to know you!”

Our world is a crowded place and people crave individuality and recognition for who they are, not some generic ‘catch-all’ that might hit on a little of who they are but completely miss in other areas.

How many times have you received a letter that tries and look like it is personalized with printed scripts and signatures? Does that type of communication make you feel at all special and make you want to take the time to actually read the offer?

The fact of the matter is that in today’s world which is full of people trying to get other people to sign up, opt in, or make purchases, you need to go the extra mile to foster a more genuine connection which in turn helps start a relationship which is the ultimate goal of any marketing program.

Tips for a Personalized Email Marketing Plan

  • Focus on making a connection – You can’t and shouldn’t expect to generate a sale from each email you send. This is an important concept because too many people just want to sell sell sell. Instead you need to focus on making a connection based on why each user signed up with you in the first place. For example, if someone opted in with you because they want to learn more about your business then you need to provide that. Or if they wanted to get regular articles or other types of content, then that is what you need to give them. The goal isn’t directly about sales; it is about making a connection with a consumer and showing them value and each person is going to be different in what they are looking for when it comes to value. By sending a mass mailer to everyone then some people are going to feel like you don’t care about what they want or that they aren’t getting what they hoped for from signing up. Categorize your email list based on what you know about them and try and determine how you think they will react to different types of mailers.
  • Connect once a week – One of the primary reasons people unsubscribe from email lists has to do with the quantity of email they receive in a period. That was followed by receiving irrelevant content. As we covered the later item above, this tip is to focus on volume. Once a week is great and twice should be the absolute max number of communications. Some companies, like Best Buy, send out an email or more per day touting sales and deals which ends up being repetitive and overwhelming. Why do you need to tell someone about a 3-day sale each day of the sale? Do you think they are incapable of remembering? From a personalization aspect, research to find the best time and day for your target demographic for checking and responding to email. If you need to, segregate your list into multiple groups based on date/time combinations. Each email that goes out should be interesting and offer fresh, new information that will pique interests and make them want to do something. Do not overload your users! Instead be the company whose emails are like a pleasant surprise that they look forward to getting.
  • Pay attention to timing – Great personalized emails are successful because of proper timing. You buy something online. A few minutes after the purchase is completed and paid for your personalized follow-up email to go out to thank them for the transaction along with providing a 5% coupon off a purchase next month. When the product is sent out a personalized email goes out thanking them again and letting them know the package is on the way and provides info on how to track it. Finally when the package is delivered you send another email to check that everything was received as expected. The point is to send emails at the right time to offer value and foster positive user engagement by showing you care. Follow-up emails are great for re-engaging users but they key has to be timing so you are being useful rather than annoying.

The bottom line is that email marketing is still a very strong method you can use to connect with customers; however you need to avoid making mistakes that will drive customers to unsubscribe. By performing a regular review of various metrics you can find areas you need to improve upon and also learn about your customers. Personalized emails result in higher conversions because you are tailoring your messages to each user’s wants and needs which people appreciate and then show that appreciation by becoming repeat customers.


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