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Why SEO is a Legitimate Discipline

Why is it that some people still don’t recognize SEO as a legitimate thing? It’s not just a bunch of people sitting in a room trying to take advantage of common terms as determined by various algorithms to manipulate traffic; even though that certainly does happen. No, the understanding and implementation of SEO has become something more that should be recognized as a legitimate discipline.

Let’s explain why:

The Value of SEO

SEO is not about spam and evil manipulation. It is a form of marketing. Honestly there are people out there that charge for SEO that really have no idea how to utilize it properly, but the same can be said for any industry. There are good lawyers and bad lawyers just like there are good doctors and ones being sued for malpractice by good lawyers. The point is SEO can add value to a business if it is done properly.

Good SEO can direct traffic to a site, it happens every day. Even if a site is based on the sale of port-a-potties, you can still get it ranked with appropriate keyword usage and then implementing a solid web marketing strategy.

That doesn’t mean you should create a load of…stuff…and just slap it up on the web. The responsible goal is still to create something great…something memorable and beautiful that you believe in. Then you hope that people who see it will tell others about that greatness and suddenly you will have hit gold. Unfortunately web search engines like Google or Bing don’t understand the concept of “great”.

The search engine is simply a machine doing a job, no matter how complex the algorithm. It can’t tell the difference between the port-a-potty site and yours at a glance, because a search engine doesn’t have eyes. Using SEO properly is just a way to make sure that Google and other search engines don’t miss that greatness.

3 Ways to Promote Greatness

Google It – For whatever reason some people think pandering to the largest web search engine is like selling out. Why not design content in a way that Google wants and then reap the rewards? Their entire existence is about performing for the masses so pay attention to their rules and follow them.

Keywording – This is a very common method most people consider all of what SEO is. You identify keyword traffic and ensure pages meet that demand. That means having a talented writer weave those keywords into interesting content. The concept is simple; supply and demand.

Manipulative Tactics – There are certain things you can and should do to create manipulative links. The top four options are directory submissions, article submission, social bookmarking submission, and press release submission.

Things to Avoid

Along with good SEO there is bad SEO or at least it should be considered unscrupulous or cheap. You can utilize them but remember that using those types of tactics tend to reflect on how people perceive you and your brand. Why waste time getting cheap hits and hurting your image? Things like:

  • Comment Spam
  • Fake Profiles
  • Link Wheels

While these options are fast, easy, and inexpensive, that means they are also bound to be short lived. Typically the bad SEO is bad for your brand, provides no benefit to your users, will be hard to clean-up when it gets outlawed, and can even be embarrassing that you feel you need to use things like that. Why not simply make something great and promote it the right way?

People who understand the concepts of good SEO and how to implement them along with why you don’t use bad SEO are those who understand that it is a discipline that can add value to a web site by attracting good page views. Isn’t that what you want for your site?

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