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Why it is time to dump the PDFs on your site

When Lounge Lizard started the re-design of Jodi’s Gym website,, one of the first things to go was the PDF files. Many websites utilize PDFs as a way to easily upload existing documents to their site. Then they can hyperlink the PDF so it opens in a new page when clicked on.

While that concept was once very common and wonderful for many smaller businesses, now current technology has made it a bit of an outdated practice. As technology has shifted, more and more people are accessing the internet on smart phones and tablets rather than a desktop or laptop. What this means for those sites that utilize PDFs is that it becomes less efficient for those customers to obtain information. Now they have to wait for the PDF to download, if they have a PDF viewer, and then open it separately.

That process is cumbersome and in some cases, can spike data rates. Rather than go that route, Jodi’s Gym opted to redesign the site with their existing customer base in mind.

What are people looking for when they visit your site? In the case of Jodi’s Gym, many parents wanted basic information such as daily or weekly schedules, costs, activities and the like. By utilizing a different design and back-end ingenuity for the site, this information is now easier and faster to pull up on any device.

Both Lounge Lizard and Jodi’s Gym believe in the same idea of providing great customer service and giving clients what they want. Along with a fantastic experience for the kids who attend the gym, Jodi’s Gym wanted to make sure the current and potential clients have a great experience when registering, looking for information about parties, or finding other information they might need to better schedule their needs.

An important aspect of any website is the functionality for the customers that use it. Many owners look at a site from the opposite side and might overlook a few things, like the difficulty in loading a PDF from a smart phone. That is why it can be important to step-back and put yourselves in the shoes of the customer when viewing your website. Whenever Lounge Lizard approaches a project that is one of the steps they take, along with educating clients on how people do perceive their company and current level of service so we can work together to improve areas.

So how do people view your site? Is it like Jodi’s Gym where you might want to re-design the site to take advantage of current technology as well as removing bulky PDFs? Maybe it is time to take a fresh look at it.

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