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Why Does My Website Need To Be Mobile Optimized?

Mobile devices have slowly transformed from a cool gadget to something that is indispensible for most of us. The mere thought of not being connected to the world via a smart device can cause some people, especially the younger generation, to start having withdrawals much like you would see at an AA meeting. The answer to the question of why does my website need to be mobile optimized is fairly simple; that is where the majority of today’s customers are spending their time.

As a mobile app developer and award winning web design firm, we have a decade plus of experience in this area and we strongly feel that every business that is online needs to be optimized for mobile. Aside from the $100+ billion in sales last year that took place on mobile devices, we have a handful of reasons why your website needs to be mobile optimized.

Top Reasons for Mobile Optimization

  • People Live Online – It’s not just the millennials anymore, although they are by far the largest segment online. The majority of customers who shop online will utilize a mobile device at some point during the purchase timeline from research to price comparisons to the actual transaction or even a post-purchase review. A recent survey showed that 60% of all website visitors reach a site solely from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Streamlined Services – When you focus on mobile first the end result is a stripped down, more efficient operation. For the customer this means fewer options (which can reduce confusion), faster transactions when you implement one-touch functionality, and personalization that speeds up transactions while also making a customer feel special. People are becoming lazier and a streamlined, simple experience is very appealing to a lot of demographics.
  • Localization – Mobile and localization go together like peanut butter and jelly. Local search preferences mean that you site should be popping up higher on search lists when people want the products or services you sell, but only if you are mobile optimized. If not then Google and other search engines are going to rank you lower. Plus people are less likely to try and navigate a non-mobile site from a mobile device. Statistics show that about half of online shoppers that are looking for a product or service on the local level plan on visiting a location within 24 hours, but it is much less likely that location will be yours if they skip over your non-optimized site.
  • Bad Experiences – A recent online survey reported that 40% of consumers will not come back to a site after a bad experience. Even worse, 28% of consumers will visit a competitor’s site immediately after a bad experience. Missing out on business is one thing but driving business away and also to your competition is even worse. Why would you want to do that when the cost of customer acquisition is already so high?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that mobile has replaced desktops for the primary way people interact online. It used to be that having an online presence was enough, but now it is critical that your presence be mobile friendly so that you are providing a good user experience to all of your customers and potential customers no matter what device they want to use when connecting with you. Your website needs to be mobile optimized to take advantage of the ability we now have to connect anywhere at any time if you want to stay competitive.

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