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Why a New Year is always a good time for a new ad campaign

Out with the old and in with the new is a common saying you hear around New Years and that is exactly why January is always a good time for a new ad campaign.

For the last quarter of the year there has been a complete retail blitz on advertising with companies trying to squeeze each and every sale possible in before the year’s end. Now with 2014 on the horizon it makes sense to start fresh with a new campaign, focused on this year’s goals and putting a fresh face out there to attract attention.

Of course one of the challenges for an ad campaign is making one that is effective. Here are some things that you should always consider when preparing for a new ad campaign, no matter how large or small your company, or your advertising budget, may be.

8 Things to consider with a new ad campaign

  • Clearly define goals and expectations – Always a good place to start, right? In general you will have better success when everyone agrees what the goals are for an ad campaign from the beginning. Far too often people change direction trying to jump on bandwagons and trends and lose sight of what the original goal was and should still be. So what is your goal for this campaign? Do you want to increase your connections and relationships? Are you looking to ramp up online sales for the 18-34 year-old demographic? How long will this campaign run? Is this just until summer? Work out the specifics to better help plan the rest of the campaign because each one should be specifically targeted for maximum effectiveness.
  • Know your audience – It isn’t enough to just say that you are targeting the 18-34 year-olds. You have to truly understand your target audience, take the time to get to know them and learn how to relate to them. For example, most 18-year-olds are vastly different than a 30-year old and both are different than the group that preceded them a decade before. How does your product or service relate to each one? Within your target audience you are going to have sub-audiences and you really need to understand them if you want to effectively reach them.
  • Find the benefit – People don’t buy products, they buy the benefits the product provides. Apple is the best example; they created a product that provided a wide range of benefits people could use and then they sold the usefulness of the product. So what benefits are you selling?
  • Use a powerful call to action – There is no point in using lukewarm calls to action. You need to excite people with your offer and make them feel as if they can’t pass up this opportunity by using things like discount coupons, buy-one-get-one free, or free items with a purchase.
  • Make it social – Incorporate a social sharing aspect to your campaign. Perhaps offer a coupon to users who follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page, or share posts with 10 friends. There are a lot of ways to do this with the bottom line being an expanded reach.
  • Attack on multiple levels – These days you need a website that is up-to-date and can be viewed on a mobile device for web ads, you need a social media presence and you should have one other marketing angle that benefits your business such as an e-mailer, newsletter, print ads, etc. Putting all your eggs in one basket is not as effective as spreading the wealth to a handful of options.
  • Be consistent – While you do need to regularly launch new ad campaigns, for some of the reasons listed above, at the same time you need to have some level of consistency that helps build your brand. For example, there is no reason to re-launch your logo, basic colors you use, fonts and such. People need to be able to recognize your brand in a new ad campaign easily.
  • Don’t be afraid to stand out – It is a crowded marketplace and sometimes being different is a good thing. Creativity can make a budget go farther and a unique and entertaining ad or idea will be much more memorable. Why do what everyone else is doing? Even for the most successful companies, they have to constantly look for innovation because so many people are ready to clone what they have done.

Advertising has always served a valuable purpose in the business world, spanning back through the centuries as a way for sellers to compete with one another for the attention of consumers. No matter if your services or goods are a necessity or luxury, a strong commitment to advertising is always important to help produce sales. Since a campaign loses effectiveness the longer it is active due to a general “tuning out” of things that have been seen and heard, it is always a good idea to periodically launch a new campaign and the New Year is a good time for a new ad campaign.

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