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What’s Your Mobile Marketing Strategy For 2017?

One constant of digital marketing is change and because of this you need to take the time to craft a new plan for each new year. So what’s your mobile marketing strategy for 2017? As an experienced mobile app developer we have a few valuable concepts that every business should consider using as part of a successful strategy.

If you truly want mobile success then you need more than great landing pages or app install ads. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend more money to be successful, but there are quite a few things you can do to help increase your chance for success if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Tips for a Successful MM Strategy

  • Craft the Plan – There should be an actual written plan; one that combines both product development and mobile marketing into one continuous entity. For example, you need a good onboarding strategy for user retention and engagement. You also want to have push notification capability for marketing purposes. Both of these aspects need to be included in the product development phase along with anything else you will need to properly market the app from measurement and tracking tools to social media sharing. As these two aspects need to be intertwined for success it makes sense to draw up an actual plan with both sides figuring what they need from the other from the start.
  • App Store Optimization – Another key aspect of success has to do with the ability to continually adjust and perfect your App Store Optimization (ASO). It is in the store where the critical decision is actually made by a user. Do I download and install this app or not? ASO should not be left until the app is completed, but is a process that should be started during the early phases of the app creation as there is a lot of strategy involved in a good ASO campaign from initial launch to a year after launch.
  • Remarketing Plans – Most apps lose 80% or more users within the first week of a download. This is just a simple fact that should not be overlooked but instead anticipated. Consider that all of your new user marketing efforts will only be about 20% effective, but rather than being happy with that, anticipate and plan on how you can then remarket to that 80% that at least had enough initial interest to give your app a try. Remember, it is cheaper to retain customers than acquire them. So a remarketing plan should be part of your initial plan rather than an afterthought.
  • A/B Testing – We have always blown the horn for A/B testing and with good reason; it works. From the app development to your ad campaigns, A/B testing should be used to help refine your product and plans. Why wait until launch to get feedback that your push notifications are annoying or that your marketing campaign will only be half as effective as you initially thought? Testing can greatly help and should be done at various stages of development and planning of both the app and marketing. In theory if development and marketing are on board from the beginning, the right measurement tools have been included in the app to more easily allow testing and feedback.

The bottom line is that creating a successful mobile app is not easy. It takes time, planning, preparation and execution if you want to be in that small group of developers that craft popular apps. So when you are considering what your mobile marketing strategy will look like in 2017, make sure to consider our tips as valuable keys to your success.

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