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What’s New With The iPhone 7 For App Developers?

The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were unveiled earlier this month with much anticipation. Aside from the consumer excitement, many people in the business world are curious about what’s new with the iPhone 7 for app developers? As a mobile app design company ourselves we wanted to share what we have seen that will be impactful to designers as we craft the next wave of amazing applications.

Now from the outside the device might seem fairly similar to previous versions, but it is under the hood where the best changes were made. Along with now using two cameras the device has a lighting connector and is water resistant. Added to that is the A10 Fusion chip which replaces the A9 processor. With 64-bits, the quad-core processor is expected to increase processing speed by 40 percent.

But enough with the sales pitch! Let’s look at exactly how app developers can benefit from this new tech.

New features for App Developers

  • Siri – Apple’s AI is now open to developers which open up a lot more possibilities. This will allow more integration and search functionality.
  • Xcode 8 – Xcode 8 is now available which can help in numerous areas such as debugging and runtime issues. Compared to Android or other development platforms, the ability to track bugs or problems in real time offers a huge advantage in development.
  • Testing Environment – A combination of tools and the OS X Server testing environment help minimize errors and make the process more efficient.
  • API – They finally renamed the API’s, getting rid of the NS prefix. A small victory but one that was years in coming.
  • Swift 3.0 – The language has been enhanced and now offers more capability than before along with increased productivity.
  • Interface Builder – It is across the board better with better editing and the addition of stack views.
  • Automatic Certificate Signing – Now regardless of development or distribution profiles, this feature will handle things for you.
  • Dual Cameras – This is an interesting feature on the device with one camera built for wide angle photos and the other meant for telephoto shots. Having both options should increase what you can do with any app geared towards using a photo function.
  • iOS 10 – Along with better integration of Siri, the new iOS 10 looks to be much more powerful and offers rich push notifications. What it does as a base system such as warning users of water damage, clearing notification with 3D touch, bubbles and quick reads offers a lot more options for unique development with messages and more.

The bottom line is that there is a lot to be excited about with the new iPhone and the new iOS 10 release. What’s new with the iPhone 7 for app developers are a lot better set of tools that should increase productivity while offering a lot more capability. When you combine that with the new iOS it really raises the bar for what we should be able to do with this next generation of applications.

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