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What to expect from the Mobile World in 2015

2014 comes to a close as a banner year for mobile devices and development, which of course begets the question, what can we expect from the mobile world in 2015? Will there be the level of innovation in devices and applications or have things peaked?

We are of the opinion that the growth we have seen will continue in leaps and bounds. There is a multitude of hardware and software developments on the horizon which means new and innovative concepts coming to fruition!

With that in mind, here are six things we expect to see happen in the mobile world in 2015:

Mobile expectations for 2015

  • Price wars will rage – An interesting development in 2014 was how aggressive T-Mobile became about taking away business from Verizon and AT&T. Experts expect Sprint to follow suit as they have regularly touted the improvements to their network, an area they typically lagged behind in. This aggressiveness of the small players will create more deals for consumers which will not only benefit existing customers but make it more likely that new users continue to be added from the ranks of the young and old.
  • Who is number 3? – By now everyone is aware that Samsung and Apple are the top two mobile manufacturers in the game. Apple has the high-end market corned and Samsung has dominated the masses. Although, it must be noted that Samsung has slipped a bit in 2014 leaving the door open for a smaller company to step up. More than likely Samsung will not dip out of the number two spot, but keep an eye on LG, Xiaomi and Lenovo. Our guess is that Lenovo takes over the third ranking. After acquiring Motorola in October of 2014 the expectation is for innovation that will rival both Apple and Samsung. Xiaomi, which might be a bit of an unknown name in the U.S., is the largest vendor in China so they are our dark horse pick if Lenovo stumbles.
  • Mobile apps and marketing – We fully expect that mobile applications will play a bigger role in the world of marketing. Smartphone and mobile devices are being used at a much higher rate than a desktop for website visits, so it makes sense that a mobile application to promote a business will offer a chance for innovation as well as tracking important user data.
  • Finally, Smartwatches! – Those who thought that 2014 was supposed to be the year of the smartwatch (not us) were just wrong. Part of the problem was the sheer number of watches available with Samsung offering 6 devices and every other manufacturer having one or two, so there was no single option that captured the market’s attention. Plus, most options were large, ugly and had low battery life. So how will things be different in 2015? The answer is simple; Apple. The Apple Watch is bound to become a hot commodity and with it we can expect rapid redesign from other vendors.
  • Hello Windows – Did anyone else notice that the Microsoft mobile platform is the number three platform behind Android and iOS? While that rank won’t change, the share of the market will. Sprint will push the Windows phones, especially in the prepaid market. Also we can expect to see inexpensive Windows phones being used in emerging markets. Finally, if Windows 10 is the success people hope, then there should be a carryover that helps integrate users between their PCs and mobile devices.
  • Wi-Fi calling – In 2014 T-Mobile made a push about using Wi-Fi calling, which is a great way to expand calling coverage to places with Wi-Fi access. Sprint now offers it as well as Apple which means the pressure will be on all carriers to not only support but also promote the feature to help make up for areas with spotty cellular reception. Another benefit is to make inexpensive calls from airplanes and traveling internationally as you could avoid international rates.

We certainly expect a lot of changes from the mobile world in 2015; are you ready to take advantage of them?

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